My Pursuit Of Happiness

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In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson wrote that every single person has the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Well it’s interesting that he put “the pursuit” of happiness because happiness isn’t something that is guaranteed or something that can be bought. You have to bring happiness to your life by whatever means necessary. Whether it be music, art, literature, exploring, or just learning more about the world around us. For me personally there are three main sources that bring me happiness and just overall joy my family, work, and my best friend Caleb.
When I was eighteen years old I had just returned from an internship for a research and development firm in Anaheim California. When I got back for some reason
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I’m currently a grand opening trainers for Chick – fil – a Corporate and a Manager for one of the Chick – fil – a’s in town. The first thing that people think about when they think about when they think of Chick – fil – a is fast food chicken, however it is about so much more than that. When I first started as a team member I say it as a day job, it was nothing more than a paycheck to help me pay rent. Well once I started digging and learning about the company and its vales and beliefs and reasoning for doing in things I fell in love. I started moving up the food chain very quickly and when I was a trainer for my store my Director of Operations approached me and said “Mateo I feel like you feel underdeveloped and are lacking something. What can I do for you in order to help you grow and develop”? I was shocked when he asked me this but none hesitantly answered “well I want to become a training director and go through the same development program that you went through”. He looked at me nodded and said “Let’s make it happen. First things first let’s get you to a grand opening”. Well by this time I had worked for some pretty big companies and bad been promised a lot but very rarely did those promises get completed but here, at Chick – fil – a I was at a grand opening within three weeks of me applying and my growth curve exponentially grew. My General Manager bought me a completely new uniform from head to toe and off I went. I had …show more content…
But happiness is so much more than that and the things that bring you joy are irreplaceable. Going through this exercise and looking back at old pictures of me and my family before and after I left home remind me of how much my mind set has changed and how much I have learned. The cliché saying “There’s nothing like family” that I would hear all the time actually became real to me and I understood the true meaning of what family is and what it provides. I learned that if you truly love what you do you will never work a day in your life. Looking back at picture of all the Grand Openings that Ive been to and everything that I got to experience has been incredible and truly a nostalgic experience. As for Caleb I try to tell him often how much he has changed my life and my stay here in Lubbock and will forever remain my best

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