The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Happiness is something that has plagued Mankind for as long as they first felt it. This feeling off complete Euphoria is what humans strive to feel with every action we take. Love, Laughter, Pride, and etc all play a part in the happiness that we all strive to achieve. Humans try to make happiness out of anything they find they listen to music, watch funny videos, maybe even do drugs. People are addicted to happiness cause it is one hell of a drug and it also is a part of everything we feel good about. We cannot Define happiness nor is it possible to quantify it you can only feel happiness. Happiness at the end of the day is something that is completely dependent on a person and how they perceive happiness not how others view it. Although happiness is impossible to define we know how it feels and though we all find …show more content…
Personally i find happiness in playing basketball, writing poetry, and cooking, which I know will be different than the next person. In a song by Kid Cudi called the “Pursuit of Happiness” he describes how he was searching for happiness and says, “Everything that shines ain’t always going to be gold”. (Kid Cudi) He is describing how he wants to be happy so he tried to get it from spending money and buying shiny expensive items, but he learned that the happiness he seeks can’t come from expensive things. He even goes on to display that he has been smoking Marijuana to achieve happiness, but he has a feeling that his happiness needs to come from another source to be true happiness not a forced version. We all search for our thing that makes us happy and that is the ultimate journey as a human to be happy love, laughter, food we all have something that is what gives us this feeling. Which is why it is so desired because it can 't truly be recreated sure it can be manufactured through drugs, but that can never be the same as true happiness, the natural

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