Comparing Happiness In Timothy Treadwell And Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Everyone’s life is full of calamity and learning experiences. We all live in a world where happiness is hard to find. For each of us happiness is something different. To define happiness is harder than to be happy. Because happiness is an emotion, a way of thinking, feelings and life itself. It tends not to be something we can understand, have a recipe and just make it. Happiness must be discovered by ourselves. In the documentary Grizzly Man directed by Werner Herzog and the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer they describe the lives of two men who are both unhappy with the world they live in and believe they can make a difference in their lives by finding peace and solitude in nature. Timothy Treadwell and Chris McCandless share similar processes of isolation from society, in hopes of achieving their ultimate goal: happiness.
In Grizzly Man, Timothy Treadwell seems to be a very quirky yet interesting person. He had many great ideas but not the greatest ways of putting those ideas into use. He gave up his life to live with the Alaskan Grizzly bears for 13 summers collecting over 100 hours of valuable educational
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He seemed like a boy who was very selfish, doing what made him happy without thinking about how his decisions affected others. Chris did not like being involved in what society finds is normal. He had trouble even doing what people in the community do, "McCandless went to Los Angeles to get a ID and a job but feels extremely uncomfortable in society now and must return to road immediately” (29). McCandless wanted to get rid of his unpleasant encounters with society, considering “it his moral responsibility to flout the laws of the state” merely by living in the unstable nature of Alaska with no laws or regulations (28). McCandless is very determined to maintain this responsibility. He finds happiness by leaving his past life and journeying into the

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