Argumentative Essay: The True Meaning Of Happiness

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Persuasive Essay

People around the world say that they are happy or have been happy. Whether their experience of happiness was short-lived or for a long time, everyone has been happy once in their lifetime. Happiness in people expresses the best feelings and emotions ever in a person. Being happy is great as well as making it last as long as possible. Happiness brings out the true meaning of happiness that includes emotions, achievements and a purpose.

Let’s take a look into happiness. Happiness is living your life to the fullest without any regrets or mistakes to look back upon. This is saying that do anything you feel that makes you happy with never regretting the mistakes and decisions you chose to do. Happiness is full of a lot of surprises, laughter and enjoyment that suits you the best and how you live your life. Also, always look back at
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Happiness will surprise you at the most random times ever. However, if you try to be happy and not wait for it, you will never be able to achieve happiness. Happiness will come to you when you deserve it. Use this happiness in any way you want such as for yourself, for others or for no one. This will determine how long your happiness will last. the purpose of happiness will always be with you no matter what.

Ultimately, Happiness is found in all aspects of emotions and life. It allows you to express yourself in a nice and beautiful way. Whether it is from having a feeling, achieving sets of milestones or accomplishment, and a purpose, happiness will always be there at any moment of your life. The best part of happiness is always to enjoy it and never regret anything you decide to do. It is important to be happy for yourself before being happy for others. Finding yourself while being happy will show who you really are. Happiness will occur at the most random and best times of life so be prepared and ready for

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