Influence Of Aristotle's Position On Happiness

A Detailed Account of Aristotle’s Position on Happiness and why it is a Human Good
According to Aristotle, happiness is an experience that is desired by all human beings. However, there are distinct views regarding what kind of life is considered happy. Aristotle provides readers with different types of lives that are believed to make people happy, including accumulation of wealth and a life of fulfillment that is characterized by comfort and pleasure. He also posits that a happy life is that which is pleasant. Equally, he provides an overview of what happiness entails in his Nicomachean ethics. To start with, he argues that happiness is realized when a person has assets like friends, power, honor, fame, and wealth. Additionally, a happy life is defined by the attributes of the soul and the body. The elements include dexterity, athletic ability, physical strength, good looks, and
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In his view, some of the elements that can make a human being happy include pleasure, vigor, vitality, and health. Oher factors like honor, self-esteem, friendship, love, skills, and knowledge are also associated with happiness. However, I disagree with Aristotle’s claim that material possessions enable people to lead happy lives. There are individuals who have sufficient wealth, but they are frustrated in life. Some of the main elements that make human beings happy include good health and a peaceful environment. It is impossible to lead a fulfilling life in a society with constant threats of attacks. Similarly, people who are sick in hospitals do not enjoy their lives irrespective of the amount of money that they have. To them, recovering from the sickness is what will enable them to achieve happiness. However, the poor are also not happy in life despite the fact that they are in good health or have close friends. Thus, I believe happiness encompasses a wide range of factors that make life

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