The Benefits Of Tourism?

Lorenzo pulled on his striped shirt and ridiculous hat. Being a gondolier was not exactly what he had planned on doing with his life, but he needed the money. If it was not for how well he was being paid he would not be rowing starry eyed tourists down the canals. Jobs like Lorenzo’s are not the only benefits to tourism. Jobs and economic revenue from tourism are extremely high, and it allows people to see different sites in the world. Without tourism there would be a lot less economically stable countries, and people would be a lot less cultured.

Revenue wise, tourism is a booming industry and has been for many centuries. Since modes of transportation became more available to go to other countries, people’s curiosity got the best of
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Countries with ongoing feuds or countries that have a history of violence are often not desirable tourist destinations. On the contrary, just because a country has a lot of tourists does not make it better than other countries. Countries with and without tourism both have their own cultures and customs, economies, and job markets. Both countries also have their own special sites within their country and their own sense of pride and identity. Countries with tourism experience a lot more foreign activity that brings new ideas and customs into their country and evolves it. But countries without tourism keep their culture the same and revel in a united sense of identity. While countries with tourism experience a large amount of revenue from tourism, countries without tourism can also be prosperous without the aide of tourism. Tourism really depends on the country itself and if the country believes that they can promote their country and draw people …show more content…
While tourism can promote awareness of the environment through areas like national parks, it can also cause environmental destruction. People are careless and often do not pay any mind to the area around them and unknowingly destroy it. It can also cause destruction through pollution because of the increase of cars and people that are coming to a country. When mass amounts of foreign people travel to one country it can often wash away the country’s identity and warp it into something so far away from the original. Through tourism, the country is constantly catering to the tourists needs and this means that the country is ignoring the native people in order to get the tourists money. Often times native people stop feeling like their country is theirs and feel like they are being invaded. Tourism can also cause immense inflation because of all the money that the tourists are spending. This inflation jacks up the prices of everyday things that the native people need, and makes it more difficult for the natives to get what they need. Even though tourism provides numerous jobs for people, it is also harmful because these jobs can be seasonal. When the country is in its tourism “off-season” work is virtually nonexistent and the workers have to wait for the tourism to pick up again in order to have a job. Despite these disadvantages, tourism still brings a large amount of revenue and job

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