Stages Of The Criminal Court Process

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There are multiple stages of the criminal court process that create a burden of proof that contribute to criminal justice investigations. Every court process begins with a crime allegedly committed to determining its legal status. Law enforcement and detectives determine if the crime was illegal or legal due to the investigations. They investigate a crime by interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects. They also gather physical evidence by taking pictures, fingerprint, and DNA samples. The investigation provides police with a great opportunity to collect any attainable evidence and reconstruct a timeline and reenactment of the crime (Hartzell, n.d). The criminal court process is created to provide justice and protection for each member of society. This is accomplished by conviction, punishment, and rehabilitation of the guilty (Hartzell, n.d).
If law enforcement charges the case, a
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This hearing determines if there is sufficient evidence that exists against an offender to continue the criminal justice process. The judge in this step searches for a probable cause to prove a crime was committed and the suspect accomplished doing so. Nevertheless, if a probable cause is determined, the accused suspect is held for trial on the information, which results in formal charging. In federal cases and other states, there is a grand jury that is empanelled to determine if there is enough evidence to file indictment charges against the suspect with the crimes. However if the grand jury finds there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial it issues a true bill, if not it issues a no bill and he or she is filtered out of the criminal justice network (Appalachian State University, n.d). The burden of proof at the preliminary hearing or grand jury is the weight of evidence. In this step, the judge or grand jury determines if there are enough facts necessary to determine a probable

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