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  • Simon Bolivar As A Liberator

    it facilitate the war of independence in Latin America and to rise of democratic revolution. After one year, the people of upper Peru revolted against governors. In 1811, Venezuela was the first South American country to declare independence from Spain. Venezuela was a well-developed area of slavery and had controlled by Spain hundreds of years, where thousands of people were slaved to farm and exploited by colonist. Bolivar also was a member of the warriors among this war because he backlash against colonialism and hate racism. However, this war was failed in the end and he had to flee to abroad, then Spain takes over Venezuela again after one year later. Bolivar wants to liberate Latin American and build a free, strong and prosperous Gran Columbia because he deeply believes that liberty and equality will replace the colonialism one day. This is why he wants to abolish the slave system. Also, he realized the revolution will not success if Latin American, Indiana and black slave did not support and follow him. And then he liberated all of slaves around him and encouraged them to resist and regain freedom even though he was aristocrat by acquiring a huge fortune from his parents in that time. However, it was failed because there are some colonists and imperialists still upheld Spain government and transported large amount of raw material such as gold, coco to levy high tax on citizens after produces back. Beside this perspective, we can know that the federal government was…

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  • Analysis Of The American Liberator By Simon Bolivar

    The author Arana states in the book, "Never in the history of the Americas had one man so transformed so much territory, united so many races. Bolivar did not have an experience or great knowledge about the military but was able to form armies from different classes. With his Enlightenment ideas for the better of the continent Bolivar was a brilliant leader. His leadership skills earned him the name “Iron Ass”, because of his traveling around on horseback. He was later known as the liberator and…

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  • Cenepa War Case Study

    Peru (Aranda, 1890: 204). The confusion lay, however, in whether this transfer of control was exclusively over religious and military matters, or territorial as well. This region of Maynas encapsulated parts of present-day Peru and Ecuador, and the ambiguity of the Cédula made for unclear territorial boundaries between these two countries when they became independent from Spain. In 1822, Peru began its diplomatic relations with the Republic of Gran Colombia, who had recently gained independence…

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  • Summary Of Simon Bolivar A Life

    lack of economic opportunities for Americans due to Spain 's insistence that the colonies could not compete with Spain and "supply themselves, either in agricultural products or manufactured goods". He argued in favor of a parliamentary system of government similar to that of England and a presidency to go along with it. However, in his opinion that president, once empowered, could not be removed from power. Bolívar would grow in power and would gain more support as time went on. He then…

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  • Colombia Civil War Essay

    Colombia is a Spanish speaking nation, located to the South of Venezuela. Colombia, as of 2016, has a population of 48,481,028 people. The Official Colombian currency is the Peso. The Peso is worth a miniscule 0.051 American dollars. Colombia’s main export is petroleum, with coffee and coal not far behind. Colombia’s main imports are most mechanical, and technological products. The United States, the main trade partner of Colombia provides most of these imports. The capital of Colombia is…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Panama

    Ever since the Spanish settlement in the 16th century, the country has worked as a service economy. In 1821, Panama broke out from Spain and joined Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, calling themselves the Republic of Gran Colombia. When it dissolved in 1830, Panama remained part of Colombia, and in 1903 along with U.S support it became separated from Colombia. The United States and Panama signed a treaty that allowed the construction of a canal, and that also gave sovereignty to the U.S over a…

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  • A Peace Agreement Between Colombian Government And The Farc Agreement

    Current Event In 2012, peace talks began to bring a bilateral peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). These talks have been a move towards a conclusion, although with many set backs from both parties (Colombia Country Profile, 2015). The Colombian government and the FARC agreed to a cease-fire in December 2014. In 2013, the Colombian government used a provisional, partial agreement on land reform and political participation with…

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  • Simon Bolivar And The Challenges Of The Independence Movement In Venezuela

    Argentina” (165). In addition, “to being president of Colombia (which included Venezuela and Ecuador at this point), Bolivar had also been named dictator of Peru by the country’s new national assembly, and his ever-loyal Sucre was now president of Bolivia” (165). All of this demonstrates how Bolivar’s ambitious ideas were not only risky, but also were undemocratic. Bolivar was all for social and racial equality for all americanos, but his presidency gave little role to them. As a matter of fact…

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  • Film Review: Immigrants In America

    Many complex series of institutions come together and support immigration from South America to North America. Some examples of social institutions seen in this film are family, religion, economy, law, and military. The basic needs of these families are not met and it becomes a necessity to flee to American. Families and friends shared tips and knowledge with one another to help each other take on the journey and be successful on the path to the American dream, the chance to provide their basic…

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  • Drug Trade In Colombia

    than anything, as Colombia is one of the most unequal countries in terms of financial stability. The government wants to make programs would care for the neglected citizens that have been affected by he drug trade. The plan was to solve the drug problem domestically, so that it could have a impact on a global scale. If the amount of drugs being processed in Colombia were decreased it would help to lessen the amount that is being smuggled into the Western countries and Europe. The demand for…

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