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  • Essay On Colombian Culture

    Introduction Both Colombia as a country and the whole Colombian ethnic group each have a slew of stereotypes to conquer when dealing with other culture groups. One of the more popular and beautiful cities, Medellin, is often portrayed as a dangerous place to visit—full of drug cartels, kidnappings, and homicides. The popularity of cocaine and the illegal drug trade have both left the uninformed public with the opinion that the citizens of Colombia are all drug fanatics and/or murderers. While…

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  • The Factors That Influenced My Life

    Furthermore, coming here has made me realize that Colombians are very conservative in comparison with Americans. People talk more openly about topics like sex, homosexuality and drugs, and there are a remarkably bigger number of people with tattoos and piercings. Considering this, the Colombian society is way more judgmental and even more with things that are out of the ordinary. Getting a tattoo would give me the disapproval of all my family and a lot of glares on the streets. Where I grew up,…

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  • Pablo Escobar Essay Impact On Cologera

    Colombia, a beautiful country where I was raised. I get to see the beauty and life that many others didn’t get to see in the 80s and 90s because of one man; Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. I’ve taken an interest on research Escobar, because after almost twenty-three years of being dead, his name is still being connected to Colombia; a country that traffics cocaine. Drugs and violence from Colombia may be what people from the outside see without visiting the country or at least learning about it…

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  • Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Character Analysis Essay

    Chronicle of a Death Foretold pursues the story of a murder in Colombia. The narrator develops an idiosyncratic scene in which many of the town’s inhabitants were aware of the predestined murder. However, no one impeded the murder or had the sagacity to caution the victim. The crime took place by hand of the major characters in the novel. Although these characters experienced the crime firsthand, the minor characters in the novel were also directly involved. The minor characters set the scene…

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  • Trinkets And Beads Analysis

    The video, “Trinkets and Beads,” illustrates a three-year struggle between a small Amazon tribe of 1500, Huaorani, and international oil companies. The video begins by mentioning the killings of American missionaries as well as the efforts of Rachel Saint to “civilize” and evangelize the indigenous people. Then, it moves on to discussing that approximately, 50 years ago oil was discovered in Ecuador and oil companies like Shell, Texaco and PetroCanada began drilling on the border of Huaorani…

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  • Colombian Culture Research Paper

    COLOMBIA CULTURE Cultural Ancestry The cultural tradition of Colombia is diverse. There are distinct groups within the Colombian culture that bear unique accents, cultural adaptations, social patterns, and different customs. The distinct group within the Colombian culture is divided into based on their location; those within the coastal regions, those in the interior region, and those in the countryside. The individual groups come together and do their regional cultures during special events…

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  • Political Changes In Peru

    Latin American countries, especially those who shared economic and political interests. Today, Peru 's relationships with its neighbors are generally cooperative, increasingly so with those countries which are part of the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia and Chile in addition to Peru). Support for greater regional integration in Latin America is an important priority for President Humala. Peru has publicly supported Argentina 's position over the dispute with the United Kingdom on the Falkland…

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  • The Idle No More Social Movement Analysis

    Throughout society the vast majority of individuals struggle with different forms of oppression as well as privilege based on their identities. The way an individual identifies himself or herself changes the way in which they move through the world. Although differences are present, as Chris Dixon (2014) mentions “ we are forging a shared politics through struggle. We believe in the power of people to fight for justice and dignity and to shape history in the process.” (p. 3). With all of the…

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  • Pablo Escobar Narcos Analysis

    on September 2nd of this year and was given highly positive reviews. The show follows one of the world’s most prolific criminals, Pablo Escobar, and his Medellin Cartel based in Colombia. The show tells the entire story from Pablo’s birth in Colombia, rise to power and international fame, and subsequent death in Colombia. This paper will critique and analyze an important intersection between gender and nation, as well as nation and sexuality displayed on the show. The show is based off true…

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  • Anti Immigration Arguments In America

    America is the nation of immigrants. Our history is heavily dependent on immigrants searching for new opportunities to flourish. Immigrants are extremely brave. They leave their country, their families and their homes to come to a country that will most likely not accept them in hopes of a better life. We live in a land where an amazing opportunity is typically right around the corner but is it worth it. Most anti-immigration arguments begin with statements about how illegal immigrants are…

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