How Did African Americans Use Discrimination And Discrimination After The Civil War

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After the civil war African Americans did not have all their civil rights. White people were still discriminating Africans. African Americans were still not getting all their rights in Colombia. They were viewed as violent negroes, who were treated unfair to anything done for the benefit of their community. Whites were using violence and discrimination against African Americans. African American were being discriminated because of the Columbian riot, being armed and having the right to protect their community, and newspapers made it out to be that the African Americans were the violent ones. Even when African Americans were veterans nothing was ever said regarding them serving in the army in the newspapers.
It all started when African Americans
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According to the newspaper “The press tried to work up a hysterical fear that the communists had stirred up the Columbia Negroes and gotten them to plan the mass murder of white citizens.”1 African Americans were looked down on, because of their color skin. Even when they were armed and on a riot to protect their community and nothing else they were still being discriminated against. The white believed that African Americans were making a distribution and nothing else. The also white believed that the African Americans that did not go on the riot were better citizens then the Negroes that did. The riot was a useless disturbance to the …show more content…
In the white newspapers was where most of the misunderstanding happened, the white newspapers made it out to be that African Americans were violent people who carried weapons on them. The white discriminated African Americans because of their skin color. Many white people used the press against Africans Americans. A lot of people were the result to the racial discriminations, for example many people got arrested and died due to the homes searches. All because the white believed that African Americans were violent and did a useless thing such as the Colombian

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