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  • Why Immigrants Come To America?

    Go back to Mexico! Learn English first before coming to my country! Stupid alien! These are just some of the disgusting sayings people say to illegal immigrants. I thought America is the land of the free, and full of opportunities for everyone. Isn’t that why some immigrants come to America? For better jobs, better education for their kids, and for a better life for their family. We didn’t come to America to be discriminated simply because some of us don’t have documents of citizenship. In…

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  • Why Are Illegal Immigrants Bad

    Why are Illegal Immigrants Bad for the U.S.? What are illegal immigrants? Illegal immigrants in the U.S. are people who have come into the country without government permission via visa, or people who have entered the U.S. lawfully with a time period, and have stayed beyond that time. The government does what they can to prevent illegal immigration, such as high-powered border control and deportation. Despite their best efforts and many agencies working many hours a day, there’s no way they can…

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  • Why Do People Enter The Great Wall

    Many things have changed since the founding of this nation and people seem to forget about their roots and how their ancestors came to arrive here in the first place. There are many reasons as to why one would oppose illegal immigration, hence the word "illegal". Although there are many things that one could do in order to keep our borders free from any "trespassers", I believe that building a literal and physical wall would be meaningless in making our borders safer; that is because there are…

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  • What America Flag Mean To Me Essay

    What does the America Flag mean to me? I can tell you what it used to mean to me. That flag use to mean freedom, sacrifice, loyalty, love, and discipline. Brave people would join the forces just so they can defend the flag and the people behind it. Well, it use to be like that. Now it’s all corrupted with hatred, racism, traitors, and dis-believers. America use to be beautiful and amazing, but now all that’s gone. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the new generation of 2000. America…

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  • Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Empire

    Powerful and ruthless, Pablo Escobar created a cocaine empire. The task of brining Pablo Escobar to justice required the United State to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and the deployment of some of the United States most technologically advanced intelligence services of the day. Signals Intelligence gained from an Intelligence Support Activity organization codenamed “Centra Spike” was the key to finding Pablo Escobar and played an integral role in the largest manhunt the world had seen at…

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  • Civil War In Colombia

    Issue & Objective The United States primary policy issue with the Colombia is the worrying high percentages of the drug traffic and production smuggled to the U.S through the past years; as a consequence of, the Colombia status as the world’s principal cocaine-production nation. During 2000 and 2010, drug users in the United States spend on the order of $100 billion annually on cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine, but in 2000, much more money was spent on cocaine than marijuana; in…

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  • Peace Reform In Colombia

    agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or otherwise known as FARC. In the agreement, the FARC promises to disarm and join the political system, in return for forgiveness and amnesty for human right abusers. In October, the citizens of Colombia had an opportunity to embrace the potential of their nation and revitalize their country. Despite the fact that the peace reform offered possibilities for economical and political changes, the Colombian voters rejected this reform.…

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  • Coffee In Colombia

    I selected to write about topic #1 "Coffee is King". At the very foundation of Colombia, there lies coffee. Coffee has been deeply ingrained within the history, economy, culture and social structure of Colombia; it 's no wonder that it is referred to as “king”. The objective of this essay, is to explore how coffee has had a direct impact on the development of Colombia, and how it continues to affect it today. Colombia is located in South America. To the east, are its neighbors Brazil and…

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  • Pablo Escobar: A Hero Or A Villain?

    some people believed he had too much money. Pablo Emilio Gaviria Escobar was known “Robin Hood” to Medellin,Colombia. Many thought of Pablo Escobar being irresponsible with money but people in Medellin,Colombia think otherwise. Pablo Escobar wanted to do what he thought the government never did which was help the poor. Pablo Escobar’s charity work was well recognized in Medellin,Colombia. Many still to this day think of him as a saint. Pablo Escobar was not born into wealth he actually grew up…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate By Tita Analysis

    While events in these three books echo the history of their respective countries, their main characters do as well. In One Hundred Years of Solitude, the Buendía family represents different parts of Colombia as the family cycles through life and death. All members of the Buendía family are solitary in some way, which represents the isolated of Latin America. According to Laura Turgeon in World Literature and its Times, their seclusion is “symbolic of . . . their culture, their continent . . .…

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