Cultural Celebrations Of Quinceanera

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Hispanic culture celebrates the 15th birthday of their young ladies. These celebrations are called Quinceaneras. They are celebrations where the family showcases the young lady and introduces her to society, basically celebrating her coming of age. However living in America, it’s customs have become our customs therefore we decided to celebrate my daughters sweet sixteen. During this highly anticipated event we surprised our family members with music and a folk dance from my Parents homeland, it was the Cumbia. The girls donned traditional dress and danced in rhythm to the beat of the drums. This dance brought our elders to tears. It was heartwarming to see the emotion associated with a new generation learning and executing a traditional …show more content…
The materials used for the instruments were based on what nature provided. The millo cane, a Turkey feather (used to blow air through the gaita),the dried animal skin on the drums. Even the sticks used to beat the drums were covered in dried skin to protect the drum from wear and tear. Music can also be a facilitator for developing communities. The deportation of African’s to Colombia and their struggle to survive was a catalyst for communities to flourish and with it the social and cultural customs of it’s people. These were intermixed with the indigenous customs and social norms which subsequently evolved, providing new customs within the culture. The use of music to convey political messages is not new to our societies. Music provides inspiration and helps to strengthen the fight of the protesters. Colombia has seen it’s fair amount of fighting and protesting due to the instability of it’s political system. Music was an avenue for defining social identity and a safer way to protest inequalities. Whichever the message, music plays an integral role in the shaping of communities and culture’s not only in Colombia but throughout the world. The evolution of this music from an indigenous one to one with Afro, European influences to pop cumbia is a testament to the power of syncretism. Cumbia as well as many forms of music continue to evolve in syncretic form. Music is part of every culture. It is part of the day to day and yearly rituals of our communities as well as special occasions. Most Caribbean nations and a well known U.S. state are famous for Carnival. Carnival is a cultural expression and celebration of music and dance. According to Anthony Seeger “Music is an emotion that accompanies the production, the appreciation of, and the participation in a performance” (Seeger,

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