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    The Wanderer and Shadow and the Magician had near the same response when they were questioned. Zarathustra went to the Wanderer and Shadow telling them that they cannot be free if they are idolizing the Ass. He questions the Wanderer and Shadow in how they express how much they are free. However, the Wanderer and Shadow stood by the Ugliest Man (the one who killed God) saying that he brought God back. The next one to be on the questioning block is the clever magician. Zarathustra believes that the magician was cleverer than to fall into the trap of praising a false idol. The clever magician knew that he was cleverer than to fall for the trap and said it was hard for him to do, and then he went on to praise the Ass. To all of those who are conscientious in spirit, Zarathustra challenges them to look into their conscious to try and understand that God is truly dead. The conscientious man agreed that Zarathustra was onto something but the man also stated that God is forever. The conscientious man said, “Perhaps I may not believe in God; but it is certain that God seems relatively most credible to me in this form. God is supposed to be eternal, according to the witness of the most pious: whoever has that much time, takes his time.” If the man believes that God is to be eternal and there is a source that is God in front of him, it is hard not to believe it. He sees God, he believes it is God, and everyone around him is praising this God. Why would he disagree when it is the…

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    Nihilism: Don’t Embrace Nietzsche’s Nothingness “Life itself is essential assimilation, injury, violation of the foreign and the weaker, suppression, hardness, the forcing of One’s own forms upon something else, ingestion and—at least in its mildest form—exploitation.” -Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil The nihilism analysis has been prevalent position over the past few years. Its anticipated purpose is to demand questions about the norms made in a philosophical debate. These contain the…

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