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    Simulation In this study, optimisation of both parameters together with energy performance assessment of the mechanical ventilated PV façade system are conducted using TRNSYS. The schematic diagram of the components used to simulate the system is provided in Figure 2. The façade is part of a prototypical daylit cellular office building that is represented by Type 56 in Figure 2. This built form is chosen because it accounts for more than 67% of office buildings in England and Wales [25]. The building is built based on the UK building regulation standard 2010 [26] and has two floors with a total floor area of 240 m2. In addition, this building benefits from having 72m2 south facing façade. The prototype building is fully described as the sixth reference office building for England and Wales [27]. The simulations of the mechanical ventilated double skin façade are conducted under six scenarios for both Reading in the UK and Izmir in Turkey. These scenarios are described in Table 2. Table 2 Description of the scenarios. Scenarios No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6 Location Reading UK Reading UK Reading UK Izmir Turkey Izmir Turkey Izmir Turkey Specific Fan Power (SFP) W/(l/S) 1 1.3 2 1 1.3 2 Figure 2 The schematic diagram of the simulation model in TRNSYS. Results and discussions The results of optimisation for the first scenario reveals that the mechanical ventilated double skin façade operates at its optimum situation when the air cavity has its minimum possible…

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