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  • Subculture Research Paper

    my research, the question that I wanted to answer is, Has the breaking subculture has been absorbed into mainstream culture? I thought about this question when considering if the fact that hip hop’s popularity might have affected this subset of the subculture. I also thought this question was very important for the continuation as well as the preservation of the b-boy subculture. That’s why I found fieldwork to be so imperative to my study of such a hidden subculture. I felt that I needed to know how does one get into this culture? where does one go to participate? does this subculture still have events? what type of people usually are successful at b-boying, do the members know the history of their subculture? has the subculture…

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  • A Summary Of Opie Taylor's Story

    n the Andy Griffith show, Opie Taylor was getting bullied. He always walked down the street and had a nickel for milk at lunch. He would go around a corner and there would be this little boy that always stopped Opie. He would ask him if he had his nickle. Opie was scared and didn't know what to do and always gave this kid a nickel. One day Opie asked this boy “what if I don't give you my nickel?” the little boy replied with his fist in Opie face “I'll give you a knuckle sandwich.” So once again…

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  • Women In Under The Persimmon Tree

    others that break people down and try to make them “perfect” or try to make the people live in fear like the Taliban’s laws. (BS-1) The Taliban have taken away almost all of women’s freedom, restricting them to either stay in the house or go out only in the accompany of a close male relative. (BS-2) Women also have no access to education, although boys don’t have the best education either. (BS-3) Harsh punishments have led to the abuse and mistreatment of women who are living under the…

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  • Essay On Family Observation

    The first location observed was at Westgate in Glendale, Arizona at 3:30 in the afternoon. Many families were in attendance, but I chose to focus on a family of four: mother, father, son and daughter. The female child was around two and a half years old, and her little brother was about 12 months old. Both of the children were dressed in stereotypical gendered clothing. The little girl had on black tights, a leopard print sweat shirt, and boots, while the little boy was in jeans, a navy jacket,…

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  • Analysis Of Boy's Toy Commercials

    commercial advertising of boy and girl’s toys; girl’s commercials played soft musical tune, while boy’s toy commercials had more of a rock and roll musical tune. Furthermore, the media enforced general roles to the viewers by only including males in boy’s toy commercials and females in girl’s toy commercials. The settings for boy’s toy commercials were usually outside and consisted of darker colors. In addition, they included toy weapons and/or action figures (males with large muscles) that…

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  • Prior To Liminality In The Challenge By Gary Soto

    Jose’s Great Dilemma Literary thesis statement: In “The Challenge”, Gary Soto introduces Jose as a young boy who experiences a change in his rite of passage in his personality as he undergoes liminality. I. Prior to liminality, Jose is a teenager boy who is ingenuous and has a lack of experience to loving a girl. A. Jose is naïve because he thinks that receiving perfect test scores will make Estela notice him. 1. “But when the quizzes had been returned and Jose bragged, ‘Another A-plus,’…

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  • Benefits Of Playing On Boy Sports Essay

    Girls have came up from low levels to have what they want and they have fought for what they want as well; so it would only be right to give girls the opportunity to play on boy sports if they want. Playing on boy sports might benefit the boys more than the girls and may even better a team that girls may play on whether its football, rugby, hockey and so forth. Girls playing on boy sports team affects not only the girl but the boys, the team, and the parent of the girl trying to fight for the…

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  • Boy-Based Commercial Analysis

    Boy Based Commercials Rather than domesticity, commercials that feature boys contain violent images. For example, in the commercial for “Power Rangers Super Megaforce Double Battle Figures” there are images of ‘blasters’ and ‘swords’, with the Power Rangers fighting ‘evil’ (Bandai 2014). The voice in the commercial is male, and the intended audience for Power Ranger is clearly young boys. The voice says things like “fire your blaster and swing your sword,” as well as “you’re armed and ready!”…

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  • Imperial Ballroom: A Short Story

    The young man laughed, at Yaozu’s reaction,” I see you noticed the feeling of my hand, and my stitches,” He said. Yaozu looked up, astonished,” At first, I thought you were a zombie, because of the stitches! B-But your hand! It’s so soft and fluffy! What are you?” He asked, curiously,” Hold on there, pal! You got way too much on your plate! You see…I’m a scarecrow,” Slicer answered. There was awkward silence, Yaozu was blinking his ruby eyes, then tilted his head,” A scarecrow? Are you sure,…

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  • Food Court Observation Essay

    watched as the teenagers would walk in the mall with their friends and some with the family members. As soon as I started to observe, I saw four teenage girls walking toward me to go inside the Arcade to play. They were mixed, as in color wise. There were two whites one Spanish looking, and one African American. As they were walking, I could hear them talking and laughing. I heard one said something about a boy and they started laughing again. After they walked in the Arcade, I turned my…

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