Analysis Of Boy's Toy Commercials

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1. Looking at commercial advertising of boy and girl’s toys; girl’s commercials played soft musical tune, while boy’s toy commercials had more of a rock and roll musical tune. Furthermore, the media enforced general roles to the viewers by only including males in boy’s toy commercials and females in girl’s toy commercials. The settings for boy’s toy commercials were usually outside and consisted of darker colors. In addition, they included toy weapons and/or action figures (males with large muscles) that provoked thoughts of violence. On the other hand, girl’s toy commercials we usually inside a home and consisted of bright colors. Most toy advertising consisted of pretend cooking sets, playhouse sets, and beauty sets. The commercials might …show more content…
Boys: True Hero, Mobile Squad Dune buggy.
Girls: My Little Pony Box Beauty Set.

3. Boys: This toy is intended to grab the attention of a young boy because it has all dark colors and a military theme, which represents toughness/aggressiveness. Not to mention, the action figure is a male and not a women.
Girls: This toy is intended to grab the attention of a young girl because the packing is bright pink and purple with pictures of flowers and ponies.

4. Boys: With this toy the boy is suppose to pretend to be fighting enemies by using the multiple guns and a dune buggy. Also, it comes with a military green tent, assuming is used to act as a shelter from the enemy. By equipping the male action figure with an arsenal of weapons, the boy is learning to imagine what being in the military is like.
Girls: With this toy the young girl is suppose to pretend to be getting her nails done with nail polish and fake
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b. Boys: The boy might learn to be more aggressive and handle situations with violence.
Girls: In addition, the child is learning how to be crafty with the use of paint and brushes.
c. Boys: The child may learn that it is appropriate to be aggressive towards situations or your enemy and that weapons are appropriate for boys to play with and not girls.
Girls: The child may be taught to believe that it is appropriate to use makeup to uphold a look a certain way that our culture/society has set to be appropriate. The girl might learn that it is expected to use artificial products to be considered pretty

6. I believe that these toys for boys and girls are important to children’s socialization because they are teaching them what to except society wants in the future. When children cannot communicate verbally, toys become a great tool for planting seeds of how society wants them to function as a part of society. These toys enforce what societies views of how they should be brought up. For example, when a young boy gets hurt, society says not to cry and walk it off. Society supports this socialization through toys with violence and action figures and not to show weakness, such as crying that may be associated with femininity. On the other hand, toys are not the only way children learn socialization. For instance, children learn from the media, their parents, and mostly their peers how to function properly as a member of society. On the other

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