Persuasive Essay On Gender Neutral Toys

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Gender is obviously the state of being male or female. That being said, lately gender is not just being either male or female. It has grown to consume the “normal” social roles that are associated with it. Men and women follow the gender norms, or they are doomed to social ostracization. From an early age, boys and girls are made to assume their gender roles, mainly in the toys that they play with. But in all reality, is it really their choice as to what roles they are born with? Many children all over the world are forced to play with the toys a company deemed suitable for their gender. Even many parents are tricked into believing these toys can only be played with by one gender. It’s almost like being trapped in a room with boring people, and watching a party go on outside. The child may try to sneak out of the room, but their parents are pull the back into the room. After all, wouldn’t you be considered weird if your child was playing with girls toys while all the other boys played with boy toys? Overall gender neutral toys should be marketed instead of gender specific toys because they dismantle the established, outdated social roles, they show children the whole spectrum of life rather than just a specific part, and they make the child happy. As technology and science are changing as the …show more content…
Gender specific toys have really shaped the gender roles in today’s society. They make the individual feel worse when they play with these toys. Gender neutral toys provide for both genders getting what they want. It proves to kids that they can do anything with virtually no boundaries as to what. Gender neutral toys are a major stepping stone to gender equality overall. And when it is all said and done, gender neutral toys will be looked at as the right choice to make because social equality demands

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