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  • True Alpha Essay Examples

    but I am against having these insecure, violent alpha males run our society. To understand why, let’s look at one more primate: baboons. In Robert Sapolsky’s book, A Primate’s Memoir: A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons, it describes a typical alpha male dominated society (lots of stress, specifically high levels of glucocorticoids, and violence for everyone, even, eventually, for the alpha male). But something very odd happened to the troop he was observing. Some poachers left rotten meat at their abandoned campsite. The most dominate males ate it all (unwilling to share it with the betas) and died. What happened next shocked the scientist, the troop became a peaceful one that thrived in their environment. The beta males worked with the females instead of trying to dominate other males. Instead of fighting they spent more time peacefully grooming each other. Furthermore, whenever a wandering male baboon with an alpha mentality joined the group, he quickly learned his bullying behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. And, eventually, he would become a contributing, cooperative member of that society. (I find it interesting that touch deprivation is linked to violence in humans. It seems like it is the same with our ancestors.) Update: Found the PBS special talking exactly about what I mentioned above. Check out the video. If baboons can change, then certainly humans can too. This means the asshole alpha male is, ultimately, a product of culture not…

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  • Bab Balloon Research Paper

    the professor use baboons to be an example which explaining baboons will change their behavior while they get stressed from the environmental. It will contribute telomere disappear. If baboons are losing telomere on their DNA, it will be hard for them to keep a health life and control their emotion. Furthermore, I think that humans and baboons have the same psycho and behavior. For example, if humans get environment pressure and stress from their daily life, humans will make an adjustment to…

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  • Anthropology: The Four Perspectives Of Anthropology

    They can relate to human stress as well as responsibilities and social structures. As for baboons in the savannah, the only ones that stress the most are the Alpha males because of the large amount of responsibilities they have to fulfill for the troop. For humans the father is the caregiver, similar to an Alpha male, in the sense that they are held responsible for taking care of their family, in majority cases. In the excerpt titled “Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky, he states,…

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  • Differences: Similarities Between Old World And New World Monkeys

    The New World Monkeys overall have more teeth than the Old world monkeys, which can also be beneficial in the sense that they can be more scary looking and chase off Predators. The Old World monkeys such as Baboons have the same dental formula as us humans being They have 2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 premolars, and also 3 molars. This also sets Old World monkeys apart from the New World. The New World dental formula is They have 2 incisors, 1 canine, 3 premolars and 3 molars. They…

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  • The Elephant The Frogs And The Toad Analysis

    The baboon rushes home but the tortoise is not as fast and it takes him a bit longer. When the tortoise gets there, the baboon makes the tortoise climb the tree to get his food and baboon and the tortoise both know that would take the tortoise too long and the baboon was just playing a mean game on the tortoise. The next day, the tortoise decides he needs to get baboon back so he invites him to dinner. The baboon excepts but little does he know it's for revenge. In this season, it is the dry…

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  • The Savage Nature Of Slavery In Toni Morrison's Beloved

    In the novel, Beloved, Morrison effectively illustrates, through Stamp Paid’s internal monologue, how the systematic savage nature of slavery swallows everyone it touches, turning them into “screaming baboons”, in turn dehumanizing them. Through the vivid description of a tangled jungle, growing and moving, slavery and its effects are compared to a place that is feared for its unpredictability. This fear is portrayed through dramatic sentence structure creating a sense of anxiety that is in…

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  • Sapolski's Baboones Case Study

    of baboons in terms of social rank? How did social rank specifically impact his baboons stress? Firstly, he decided to do testing on baboons because he noticed that baboons usually spend around 3 hours finding food for the day than the rest of the time they did whatever, that’s we he noticed more about the baboons. He found out that they all seemed to fight or stress one another out the rest of the day. By doing more studying, he found out that the dominant ones were the males and that they were…

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  • The Bushman Psychological Construction Of The Animist Story

    Bushman psychological construction of worldview is based largely on causality and consequence- both everyday action and mythology/folklore is structured in terms of human and non-human beings' actions as a cause of an event. Take, for example, the Early Race Narrative concerning the baboon's short, crooked tail. When baboons were like people, in the Early Race times, a child went hunting with a baboon. When they returned to a group of people, the baboon told them he had brought them gemsbok meat…

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  • Primates Argumentative Essay

    the good of society as a whole. So if primates are considered genetically close to humans; do they deserve the same moral and ethical treatment that humans enjoy? At one point in history African Americans were not classified as human beings at all, they were considered property. It is not such a far stretch when some individuals are unable to extend common courtesy to others they believe are not human beings. One can only present the two sides of the conflict and maybe then each individual…

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  • Animal Testing Nonhumane

    Animal testing has been an enormous discussion in the biomedical realm over the last fifty years due to a question of superiority and injustice among species. Scientists perform “medical research” on animals in order to “benefit” mankind by elongating the human life span. In reality, several of these experiment results have no direct or immediate purpose in the medical industry, but rather are legal ways for researchers to test interests and personal curiosity. For instance, in Case I, one…

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