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  • Koko And So What Analysis

    Research Project A comparison of “Koko” and “So What” “Koko” as well as “So What” are two of the most influential and famous pieces pertaining to Jazz. With “Koko” being composed and performed by Charlie “Bird” Parker and “So What” being composed and performed by Miles Davis. These two musicians are no doubt heavily involved in the development of jazz and are two of the most renowned musicians in the world. “Koko” was composed in the early 1940’s, where as “So What” was composed in the late…

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  • Virtual Jazz Concert Analysis

    For my own virtual jazz band, I wanted to try and pick jazz musicians who could mend well with a dance or a swing band. Max Roach on drums, Charles Mingus on bass, Benny Goodman on clarinet, Lester Young on tenor sax, Cannonball Adderly on alto sax, Joe “Tricky Sam” Nanton on trombone, Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet, Ella Fitzgerald and Cab Calloway as singers, and Duke Ellington on piano and as the bandleader. The group would have the style of early 20th century dance bands and do a live…

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  • How Does Music Affect Our Learning

    Brass is also a good choice for children with cognitive impairments. Kids with ADHD will benefit the most from learning string instruments, percussion and the saxophone because they allow movement and standing. Depending on the physical ability strings, brass, percussion, or woodwind instruments might be a desired choice. People who are deaf will have a better time with string instruments or woodwinds because they…

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  • Room 1109 Theatre Review

    begin with the piece I disliked the most out of the five that were performed. I unfortunately do not know the title of the piece, but I do know it was performed by Adaron Jackson Group. The performance consisted of the following instruments: vocal, alto, tenor, piano, bass, and guitar. The piece began…

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  • Personal Narrative-Garrett's Hope

    I’m the band sitting on the area I’m supposed to sit in for french horns. Since that’s where Mrs.Zerman told me to sit. Then a kid sits next who plays the alto…

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  • Wind Band History Essay

    piccolo. The trombone later joined with a variety of bells, and tones. The bands now had 4 different parts of brass. A very important influence in the late 1800’s were the saxophones. They came in different ways, mostly soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax. The bands of the late 1800’s had a wide range of use for saxophones. Bands in the U.S at the time were mostly military music, unlike Europe, at the time, the U.S had a full band. This was because of the increase of instruction to the music…

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  • Importance Of Electronic Technology And Technology

    Like most of the boys, I was deeply affected by the science fiction movies. Those High- Tech movies always raise my spirits. However, after years study in university, I have knowledge of how Engineering will allow me to see principles are applied and design the system. So, to fulfil my dream, electronic technology and renewable technology are the critical part of my plan. Base on the fundamental of electricity I learned in South China Agricultural University and Cardiff University, I can…

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  • Jazz Concert Analysis Essay

    Introduction The concert that I attended, “Hot Jazz for a Cold Evening”, took place on Thursday, December 10. As I walked up to the front doors of the Freed Center a kind gentleman greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me to the event by opening the door for me. Right away I could tell that this was a professional event and very well run. The event was formal and everyone was dressed in nice clothing. When walking into the theatre I was greeted by another kind gentleman who handed me…

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  • Hettler Wellness Model

    are requisite for musical instruments that produce sounds over 80 dB (i.e., viola, violin, bassoon, oboe), over 90 dB (i.e., clarinet, Euphonium, French horn, mellophone, timpani), and over 100 dB (i.e., alto saxophone, bass drum, cymbals, flugelhorn/bugle, flute, piccolo, snare drum, tenor saxophone, trombone, trumpet/cornet, tuba/contrabass). As Strasnick et al. (2007) reported, profound deafness is at 120 dB; therefore, protective hearing devices must also be worn during symphonic concerts…

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  • How Did Charlie Parker Impact Society

    Charlie Parker’s Ill-Fated West Coast Trip Charlie “Bird” Parker is one of the most iconic figures not only in the modern jazz history, but also in the jazz history overall. Charlie Parker had an extraordinary melodic gift and regularly created solos that consisted of ling-lined melodies, each of which was elegant improvised composition unto itself. This gained a wide following among jazz musicians and greatly influenced the Jazz community in the iconic shift is music. Parker’s self-destructive…

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