Alto saxophone

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  • Divided Together: An Open Work

    There are certain circles within the music world that hold firm to the belief that this art form is of the purest and most abstract, and should remain so, while others think music should remain open to as many people as possible. Within the context of the 21st century, the later positon has become increasingly important to adopt, not only for the continued success of this art form, but to inspire and motivate positive change in the world. The current project under consideration, titled Divided…

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  • Sales Strategy Formulation Case Study

    Summer Internship Project “Sales Strategy Formulation” In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of MBA (M&S) 2014 - 2016 Submitted by Tanuj kumar sharma Roll Number: A0102214172 Company Guide Faculty Guide Mr. Anshul saxena Ms. Amanpreet Kang Head-Strategy, Business Development And Marketing SKH Ltd., Krishna Group, Gurgaon AMITY…

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  • Levels Of Professional Deception

    Keywords: Deception, Lying, Prevalence, Professionals Introduction: How deceptive are the professionals in some of the highest level jobs in our society? This paper examines levels of deception among lawyers, doctors, and business people. This research stems from Professional Deception: Examining Perceptions of Deception in Law, Medicine, and Business, by Klein et. al. (2015), which examined the perceived levels of deception among the general population of these three professions. To add to…

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  • Maruti Suzuki Case Study

    currently it is subsidiary of Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki has almost 40% market share of passenger cars in Indian market. Its major competitors are Tata motors, Hyundai motors and M&M. Maruti Suzuki manufactures sells a large variety of cars from entry level “alto”, hatchbacks “Ritz”, “wagonR”, “Zen”, “celerio” , “Astar” , “ciaz” , “swift” , sedans…

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  • Nocturne Concert Report

    On April 21st, 2017, I went to the concert hold by Nocturne- a two years old club in Denver, and the Keith Oxman Quartet did a remarkable concert that night. The Keith Oxman Quartet is a Jazz band lead by Keith Oxman on tenor saxophone, and has Derek Banach on trumpet, Todd Reid on drums, and Jeff Jenkins on organ. Additionally, Jenkins was playing keyboard on April 21st. The Keith Oxman Quartet plays at Nocturne every Friday night between March 10th and April 28th. On last Friday evening, the…

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  • Autobiography Essay

    adult probation, then to juvenile probation. A juvenile is a child, under the age of seventeen, who commits crimes. During his career as a probation officer, my grandfather did a lot of traveling, courthouse to courthouse, between San Jose and Palo Alto. My grandfather’s message to students, who are trying to make a career as a probation officer, is that being in the investigation program unit will help them to understand the court’s system. The New England College’s website stated, “Employment…

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  • Live Jazz Concert Report

    Unlike the Language we learn in school, music is a special type of language that can be use as a type of communication tool. Jazz is origin from African American and its main characteristics are swing and syncopation, improvisation, distinctive voices bent notes and modes. I’ve watched an amazing concert for the Jazz term paper. The title of the Live Jazz Concert is “Brian Culbertson feat Michael Lington” As the Piano and the Trombone player, Brian Culbertson is one of the main performer that…

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  • Essay On Saxophone

    Alto Saxophone The Alto Saxophone is a, even though it is made of mostly metal, woodwind instrument concocted by Belgian inventor, Antoine Joseph (Adolphe) Sax. This musical instrument was developed in the 1840’s and was patented in June 1846. It is mostly used for classical and jazz music and is the one of the newer instruments used than any other. The Alto Saxophone works when air is pushed through a mouthpiece creating vibrations that run throughout the body of the instrument creating the…

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  • Saxophone History

    The saxophone proved to gain acceptance when it came to America. Oddly enough, a woman by the name Elise Boyer Hall (1853-1924) was the first to perform on and let the United States know how truly incredible the saxophone is. She began learning the saxophone while she was recovering from typhoid fever. She commissioned many solo works from world renowned composer that had written for this new instrument. A few of these composers include Richard Strauss, Claude Debussy and Georges Bizet.…

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  • Flamenco Sketches By The Miles Davis Sextet

    The song “Flamenco Sketches” by the Miles Davis Sextet has the cool jazz sound with the modal jazz style. The song has a light and soft sound with simple melodic improvisations. A traditional rhythm section maintains a steady rhythm throughout the song, but this rhythm section uses countermelodies to add colorations during the improvisations. The pianist is constantly playing a soft melody underneath the improvisations and sometimes mirroring the melody played by the improviser. The bassist…

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