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  • Maxophone History

    The saxophone is still considered, and in many ways, will always be the youngest wind instrument to have a foothold in western classical music. Having been developed and patented by instrument creator and businessman Adolphe Sax in 1846, the saxophone had already missed out on much of the literature and masterworks written for other wind instruments centuries before its time. Additionally, much of the major classical musical works written for the instrument happened during its constant…

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  • How Did Lester Young Influence Jazz

    other notable musicians in the way he held his saxophone but through his various ways of phrasing while playing. Instead of driving it forward and playing on the beat, similar to the influential tenor saxophonist, Coleman Hawkins, Young held it back bringing a more relaxed feeling to it. American jazz vocalist and songwriter, Billie Holiday, recognized Young’s great talent and therefore nicknamed him “The Prez”, the president of the tenor saxophone. Lester Young released his first recording “Oh,…

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  • Texas State Jazz Ensemble Analysis

    Texas State Jazz Ensemble: Special Guess Steve Houghton- Music Critique The Texas State Jazz ensemble, with special guest drummer Steve Houghton, was filled with an uplifting set list. A mixture of trumpets, drums, piano, saxophones, bass, guitar, and trombones played harmoniously with distinct soloist for each song. The Texas State Jazz ensemble did a wonderful job, especially their solo performers. Steve Houghton was also quite fantastic, living up to his name. The overall experience was very…

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  • Reflection On Arban's Book

    called to attention everyone yells “Pride!” really REALLY loud!! And in that moment when everyone is standing still under the stadium lights it really makes you think about how far you all have come together as a band and a group Saxophones Dennis is our lead saxophone player. He has taught me so much and has helped me out more than words can say. He is graduating this year and I’m not sure what band is going to be like without him. Uniforms It takes everyone about 30 minutes just to get into…

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  • Essay On Jazz Train

    spoke about in class there was a blues piece called Nasty Blues and the sound nailed all the sounds of jazz. The opening bit of the song started with the bass player walking while the drummer gave the pulse as the piano player was soloing. During the alto solo, the player really showcased what blues was about, the player utilized falls, bends, and glisses. There were 9 soloist’s in all the last two that stood out were the bass player and guitar. The bass player transitioned very smooth and the…

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  • Mile High Jazz Concert Review

    consisted of: a piano, a bass, drums, a guitar, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, 2 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxophones, and one baritone saxophone. This makes a total of 17 musicians plus one for Professor Paul McKee who was the conductor. The student ensemble was very large and was arrange/modeled after a…

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  • School Music Concert Performance

    band; it included about four of each horn (saxophone, trumpet, and trombone), an upright bass, a piano, and a drumset. The group played several big band standards like Take the A-Train, the famous song originally played by Duke Ellington’s big band and sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Since there were no vocalists in the band, every song was arranged as an instrumental. The set was kicked off by a tune written by shorty rogers,…

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  • Analysis Of Xerxes By John Mackey

    first listen. It is written in a chromatic key, with no clear major or minor tonality. After the homophonic beginning of unison rhythms, Xerxes transitions into a monophonic woodwind feature that weaves its way through the flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. After this another monophonic flute solo takes precedence with a…

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  • Jazz Concert Report Sample

    On Friday, July 10th, the local instrumental jazz group Yuma Jazz Company played at Lutes Casino for a couple of hours. The instrumentation was fairly standard for a jazz group, with trumpet, saxophone, guitar, double bass, and drums (I believe those were electric). The guitar and bass, along with the drums, served as a sort of basso continuo, generally backing the horns, but occasionally taking up the melody for themselves, resulting in a texture that was thinly polyphonic. Also noticeable was…

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  • Glenn Miller's Jazz Standards

    music is written by putting the expression on the paper, rather than leaving it up for interpretation. Miller also changed the way Jazz music is written by changing the set-up of the orchestra. He changed it so the clarinets would have the melody, saxophones had the harmony, and then the brass was added for countermelodies. He also inspired many musicians by his drive for his desires and will never allow “no” for an answer. Glenn Miller lived an interesting life, was different from the other…

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