Soprano saxophone

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  • Live Jazz Concert Report

    music and my feelings are surrounded by the music they perform. The song “Get It On” are connected to the last song, but it just feel like it is the same song but with different tunes. “ Get It On” the song is just like the name it will make the audience feeling great and want to dance along and get it on. Personally I like this song the most out of all the songs during this concert. This song has perfectly explains the definition of mix of Jazz and Funk. Great interference with the audience, during the song Get it On Eddie Miller they keyboard player and vocals player ask the audience to stand up and clap hands when the others are performing. The audience was very cooperative and did what the musicians asked. The trombone player and the saxophone player looks like they are having a race and it was awesome how the song goes. The song ended when the bass player hit the climax and the song stops then the musicians went to took a break. The audience still claps their hand after the musicians went in and took the break. Brian Culbertson thanks the audience for been well respectful and showed up to the concert. He then perform his last song called “ Our Love” on the stage. He wrote this song himself foe his wedding and he mentioned his wife Michelle. As an audience I can see he’s heart when he perform this song. Unlike the other songs, this one is soft through out the whole song, with a little excitement. The song ended with soft tunes. At this time I was thinking about isn’t…

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  • Physics Of The Alto Saxophone

    Sheree Buchli Title: Physics of the Saxophone Investigated Summary: 1. Summary-Definition/Description of Alto Saxophone The alto saxophone is a member of the saxophone family of woodwind instruments invented by Belgium instrument designer Adolphe Sax in the 1840s and patented in 1846. 2. Aim With this paper I am discussing existing knowledge on the physics of the Alto Saxophone, in particular the creation of sound. Introduction: 1. History The Saxophone is an instrument with a single…

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  • Maxophone History

    The saxophone is still considered, and in many ways, will always be the youngest wind instrument to have a foothold in western classical music. Having been developed and patented by instrument creator and businessman Adolphe Sax in 1846, the saxophone had already missed out on much of the literature and masterworks written for other wind instruments centuries before its time. Additionally, much of the major classical musical works written for the instrument happened during its constant…

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  • Analysis Of Xerxes By John Mackey

    The next musical work performed by the Alabama Concert Band was entitled Xerxes by John Mackey. This piece begins in a very disjointed and seemingly unappealing way, as the low brass and percussion begin with a homophonic rhythm. The tempo is one of moderato, as it is not fast, yet all slow either. All of the notes are staccato and separate from neighboring notes, which creates a sound that may seem strange or odd at first listen. It is written in a chromatic key, with no clear major or…

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  • Essay On Midnight In Paris

    Every story has a purpose; the main character has a goal to reach and to do so they must go through a trial to suppress. Though it is often noticed that the character doesn’t recognize their full potential until they are on their journey. In the movie Midnight In Paris, Gil’s aspirations are shown in the beginning credits. The movies overall setting is defined but the protagonist 's goals, needs, and wishes are also presented. The movie also identifies the ideologies of the protagonist and of…

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  • The Threat Of Exile In The Wife's Lament

    Anglo-Saxons took exile seriously; the threat of exile alone caused much anxiety among the individuals of that society. To be exiled means to be kicked out, or banished from one’s homeland, which would result in having no companionship. Because exile is something the Anglo-Saxons took very seriously, one had to commit a crime in order to be exiled. If one were to commit a crime Anglo-Saxons would resort to execution, unless the crime was not serious enough. If the crime was not serious…

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  • Comparing When It Changed And Colin M. Drysdale's Last Flight Out

    Set in a time when the end of the world became reality Joanna Russ’ When It Changed and Colin M. Drysdale’s Last Flight Out each described a society where an outside force changed the way the society was established. Although the characters in both stories were presented with challenges such as being unwanted in a one gender based society, being threatened by an unforeseen group or being scarified for the greater good both Mankind from planet Earth, the women from planet Whileaway and the pilot…

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  • Quest In Their Eyes Were Watching God

    The first chapter in How To Read Literature Like A Professor is based on the vital knowledge of how to identify a quest based on a series of given details. The author, Mr. Foster, starts off by telling the reader to picture a young boy running an errand for his mother. He then builds on the plot by giving a few details of his teenage life, such as the girl he likes, the boy he despises, and the dog he escapes from. This misshapen short story seems like it might not go anywhere, but this is when…

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  • Withlacooche River Analysis

    In the gator-ridden waters of Florida, a river tour guide gets entangled with the smuggling and sale of powerful synthetic drugs. BRIEF SYNOPSIS On the Withlacoochee River, RONNIE WAYNE WAINWRITE (38) attempts to flee from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission and takes them on a wild chase with his airboat. They eventually arrest Ronnie for selling wild alligator hatchlings. In jail, he meets PANCHO LOPEZ who tells him about how he killed a large gator in the river. Ronnie…

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  • My Reflection On The Fresno State Concert

    It was easy to identify the individual instruments or the vocal sounds by them standing up and perform their part. This selection would be something I would like to hear again because it was a beautiful experience and I got out something from it I have never experienced before in my life. Although I was expecting something different about the decorations, my reaction towards the concert was a wonderful experience. Another interesting part that was new to me that there was one or two instruments…

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