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  • Piano Sonata No. 13 In E-Flat

    1. Piano Sonata No. 13 in E-flat major Op. 27 No. 1 Objective Description: The first movement, No. 13 in E-flat major Op. 27 begins with a soft note that goes higher note as steps. The same melody repeats few times, then the sound goes gradually louder the sound, but at the certain point, the sound suddenly goes small like pianissimo. Then three note beats that repeats, then smaller touch of pair starts. Then, the same melody gets faster and faster. This piece ends by the same melody as in the beginning but ended strongly at the end. Starts with a piano tone that melody goes up and down on the keyboard that repeats few times. Suddenly mood changes by the completely different melody which uses middle keys of the piano keyboard with mezzo forte. After the melody, it gets back to the same melody as the beginning but it is stronger than it was in the beginning. In the middle of second movement, there is the mix melody of main melody and back melody. Play by one main melody note and one back melody note and going higher and higher. Play same phrases which is the one with main melody tone goes higher and follow by one goes lower. Toward the end, it becomes really loud by the crescendo and faster and faster. Ending is with one note that echoing till sounds disappear. Start with piano and very slow. Some part played fast high note with mezzo forte but other than that mostly sound is between piano and mezzo piano. After the soft piano note that barely can hear melody…

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  • Reflection Of A Critique Reviewed By Sotto Voce

    The lady that composed this piece is actually the mother of the woman that was playing violin. I thought this was very cool and you could tell that this piece meant a lot to her. This piece is from the modern era as it was wrote in 2012. The piece itself was written to represent the landscape of Wallah Wallah, Washington. This was the place of a musical festival that she and her husband had founded. The landscape was supposed to be beautiful fields filled with golden grasses. The piece used…

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  • Analysis Of The Lighters By Rennie Mcquilkin

    In “The Lighters,” the word “gravely” near the end of the second stanza serves as not only a representation of the solemnity of the boudoir but also a wordplay that indicates deaths. In this case, the deaths include both the Zippos and the poet’s mother, foreshadowing a continued discussion of this gruesome affair. In the last line, the phrase “sotto voce,” which literally translates to “in a quiet voice,” ends the poem with a soft and quiet tone, leaving room for reflections and recollections.…

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  • Analysis Of St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves

    Claudette’s resistance to what happens around her. Despite all the struggles Claudette has to face, she has several accomplishments as well. One of the accomplishments is on Pages 237-238 (Stage 3), “ Every Friday, the girls who had learned how to ride a bicycle celebrated by going on chaperoned trips into town.” The nuns had explained to the girls that learning how to ride bicycles meant they were becoming more human-like. The nuns also told the girls that once they learn how to ride bicycles,…

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  • Choppin Piano Sonata No 2 Analysis

    understand the opening of this sonata as a type of suspense that prepares the introduction of the first theme. The opening of the first movement presents a short and an introductory thematic idea that can be described as a sort of mystery. The second theme begins exactly on the measure marked “sostenuto”. As a contrast with the storm opening theme, a second theme is presented. This second theme presents a quiet mood with a dense texture. The particular dense structure is characterized by…

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  • Parthenon

    still work for me to do on Gnaritus as well as patients to help. What luck for me in coming on this great adventure in Greece and meeting all of you! I’ll cherish these memories forever!” Surina wanted to discuss the pillars of Earth’s society further until she glimpsed an Android security guard marching onto the other end of the terrace. Androids immediately made her uncomfortable and even fearful. Working in the Greysville Quadrant Hospital with eagle-eyed Android security guards lurking…

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  • Musical Analysis Of The Beatles

    incorporating two unconventional “surprise” chords into the harmony. The first is a tritone between G# and D in the verse’s second measure, and the second is an augmented triad on G# in the second measure of the third phrase in the verse. In the refrain, Lennon contrasts the harmonic openness of the verse with a closed full-circle harmonic shape. He also drastically slows down the harmonic rhythm. The final verse that follows the refrain contains begins with an ascending bassline riff that…

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