Sordaria fimicola

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  • Sordaria Lab Report

    Evolution Canyon is a particularly special place for observing how a specific species may change overtime, in two different environments. Evolution Canyon I, located in Lower Nahal Oren, Mount Carmel, has two slopes; a South Facing Slope, which receives higher solar radiation, higher temperature, and experiences droughts, and a North Facing Slope, which shows a more temperate climate, with shade and humidity engulfing its physical atmosphere (Nevo, 2009). The fungus Sordaria fimicola can be easily obtained from both of these slopes and grown in a lab, making it an ideal organism for scientists to study. It produces fruiting bodies containing asci with eight spores. These asci arrangements in the spores can than be viewed under a microscope…

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  • Unlinked Gene Hypothesis

    Abstract: This experiment was meant to look and find gene linkages and determine the crosses of the tan x wild type (black), gray x wild type (black), and tan x gray spores of the Sordaria fimicola. To accomplish the crossing, the plates filled with auger had to be set up with each individual kind of spore. Three plates with two different spore colors of sordaria in each. One plate was black and tan, black and gray, and gray and tan. For gene to centromere distance the standard deviation was…

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  • Northern Facing Slope Lab Report

    Introduction Evolution Canyon is a canyon in Israel where the two slopes face very different conditions. The Northern Facing Slope (NFS) is lush, green, and shaded while the Southern Facing Slope (SFS) is dry and has little protection from intense sunlight. Evolution Canyon is a natural laboratory, meaning that nature has provided variations, allowing it to be a great location for experiments. Specifically, it is a great location to study natural selection and evolution. Researches from the…

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