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I attended Crestwood’s 7th and 8th Grade Band Seasonal Winter Concert. The ensemble consisted of Crestwood’s 7th and 8th Grade Kentwood students. The performance was conducted by Crestwood’s music instructor, Jason Townsend. In total, there were 13 pieces performed, but 6 pieces of them were played as an ensemble. Other pieces were simply solo and ensemble music performed by 7th and 8th Grade students. Solo and ensemble pieces were “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,” performed by A. Adhikari, Q. Jones, M. Janusz, H. Do, K. Smith, R. Gonzalez, R. Badger; “Adeste Fideles,” performed by N. Bagarinao, A. Gurk, A. Peckham, Cameron McPhall; “Angels We Have Heard On High,” performed by D. Carlon, D. Rittersdosf, B. Keean, L. Young, J. Thompson; “The First Noel,” …show more content…
There was a crescendo and decrescendo, but in general it was typically loud. There wasn’t much of an emphasis on the decrescendo. Most of the musicians did not bother to look up at the director, since they were attached to their music. It was paced at a mediate tempo. It's a typical march song, so it would be considered a common piece of music. I felt the tempo should have gone faster because it was a stylistic march. In December Sky, the Bassoon was heard clearly. This speech was legato, and was performed slow, as an emotional piece of music. It sounded very peaceful, and harmonic. In Africa Bell Carol, the director provided a steady beat. The percussionist, who used bongos began great by watching the director, but slowly faded and consistently watch his music. The percussionists laid out a general and simple beat for everyone to follow. The speed of this piece was moderate. This piece was unique and traditional. In all 3 pieces, there was too much energy. Not very musical, but they seemed to play accurate notes. The brass were generally louder than woodwinds when they didn't have the melody, so balance was clearly

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