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  • Google Critical Thinking

    What are the primary colors? Well the answer is yellow, red and blue... Did you have to look on Google for the answer? I can guarantee it only took 5 seconds to look up the answer. In this Millennial Generation, the internet is at their fingertips that can used on smartphones, watches, computers. This is why people feel as though Google and other search engines can provide false sense of self-perceived intelligence. It’s hard to believe but people can confuse them self with external source of information. Back in the older generations, there was only a book, pencil, paper and knowledge which is rarely used today because of the access to the universe is just a few clicks away. Society doesn’t discern that the internet has a burden effect on our everyday life. There are various reasons to why this is taking place in 2000’s and I’m sure you can relate. Although, when people are sick or just having usual symptoms, the first stop will be too search on google. For example, searching to see if your fever matches the symptoms of a cold or flu then after experiencing more like fatigue, body aches, sore throat or pale skin then you see it’s a possibility of cancer. “The question of cancer pops up in your mind?” Anxieties begin to unfold over common health symptoms which is increasing as more people visit the internet instead of a doctor. At least 50% of Americans will attempt self-diagnosis because of what is accessible on the internet than using knowledge and your…

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  • Google Case Study

    It might have been Exactly a couple months following this that suggestion (a pay-per-click publicizing organization) bought Altavista – a standout amongst the primary and strongest scan engines out there. Then, just a couple weeks following that suggestion bought Alltheweb. Com from quick. It might have been reasonable that suggestion might have been setting off should move into the algorithmic quest space. In any case quickly then afterward this rumblings started that Yahoo! might a chance…

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  • Business Analysis: Competitive Analysis Of Yahoo !

    only been in being for 15-20 years. In this high-tech manufacturing barriers to entry are harshly incomplete, if not absent. Numerous technology and Internet businesses were originated deprived of more than a roof and a computer. For instance, Yahoo! was ongoing in a trailer on the Stanford campus, Apple was considered in a northern-California garage, and Microsoft was shaped by a college failure. Therefore with the very high level of technical complexity showed by today’s youth and the little…

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  • Google's Structure And Organizational Structure Of Google

    Google – needs no description. Everybody is aware of it. It has replaced libraries, newspapers, brokers in flats etc., and has taken word of mouth and information gathering to a disruptive level through reviews, listings and has become a success to such an extent that it has become a verb now. There is no second thought when people want to search for any information that they want. ‘Where is mom now’, ‘I am bored now, what do I do’, ‘what to eat for dinner’ etc., are real questions which show…

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  • Facten Case Study

    Co-founder of Realviz, a groundbreaking digital content creation software company with clients including Sony and Industrial Light & Magic. Emmanuel developed the company’s international reach and subsequently sold the company to Autodesk. • David LAPOINTE David started his career in Sales and Marketing positions in the pharma industry. In 2001, David founded Advanced Molecular Imaging to bring molecular imaging technologies to the global pharma and research market. David facilitated a global…

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  • Effects Of Search Engine Advertising

    the best solutions for digital marketing to an organization. SEO Services The Web is undergoing changes at an unprecedented pace and so are markets and businesses. Organizations in the past were satisfied with their pretty looking and content rich websites and web pages. However, it was soon understood by companies worldwide that a website was not enough. It needed to be promoted! Websites that were not well promoted eventually turned into just electronic brochures and cost centers…

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  • Research And Analysis Report Of Indus Motor Company

    sources of data that I used in my research project were the Annual Reports of Indus Motor Company Limited and Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited. I obtained two of the latest annual reports of Indus Motors for financial years ended 2006 and 2007 from the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). However, for Honda Atlas, I accessed the annual reports for the financial year ended 2007 online. These reports not only provided me with complete financial information for three years but also non financial…

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