Facten Case Study

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2.1 Company Profile
Facten is a privately held company headquartered in Paris, France. Founded from years of research in machine learning and semantic search, Facten invented a fundamentally different way to scan massive bases of scientific information to find hard to spot, yet critical segments of scientists working on the technologies that Facten customers sell (Facten 2016).
Facten is Software as a Service application to help companies selling to Life Science Academics discovers, profile and contact highly targeted potential customers. Facten build products that boost sales team’s efforts by enabling machines to handle the tiresome tasks that waste so much of people's time every day. The innovative lead generation platform, is the trusted
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Most recently, while at Xerox PARC, John managed the market strategy team in charge of designing and executing go-to-market strategies for a portfolio of 80 leading-edge technologies.

2.1.2 How Facten Works as Software
• Algorithms
Facten discovers and profiles potential customers by algorithmically analyzing several data sources, most of which are publicly available (such as scientific articles, grants or patents). Except for the initial design of these generic algorithms, humans play no role whatsoever in the processing of the information. All the information provided by Facten is processed entirely automatically. It has not been reviewed or validated by an expert in your field or even by a human (Facten 2016).
• Limited support
Facten have strived to make the Service as simple as possible and so it can be used directly as it would an internet search engine or any “self-service” web application. Facten will provide extremely limited one-on-one direct training, assistance or support.
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Opportunities and threats can be interpreted as external factors influenced by the position and business environment (Atrill et al. 2007). This method helps to identify the success factors which may be used to secure the success in future, but also the weaknesses which need to be changed.
The SWOT analysis can thus be used as a tool for strategic decision for future actions (Nellis et al. 2006). The outcome of the SWOT analysis can be used as groundings for the new product structure. The strengths and opportunities could also be used as a guideline for variables to be supported in the new model. Weaknesses and threats need to be evaluated, how the impacts can be minimized or turned to the strengths or opportunities in the future.
- The application introduced by Facten is all automated and Humans have no role what so ever in the manipulation of data and insights apart from the initial

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