Lincoln Electric Vision Statement

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There are thousands of different companies throughout the world. Some companies are small in size and structure, while others are mega-corporations that span across oceans. It 's important to point out that every company is different. One business 's needs may be vastly different than the needs of it 's competitors. The same logic applies to many other aspects of business including mission, vision, strategy, goals, management, and culture. In order to gain better insight into how an organization or business operates, here is an example of such a company and how it earned it 's reputation as one of the best managed companies in the world.

Lincoln Electric is a worldwide company that specializes in a wide range of manufacturing products including welding, arc welding, and robotic-based welding systems. The company was born from a humble start when the founder John C. Lincoln lost his job with the Elliot-Lincoln company and decided to branch out with his own electric motor designs. In the subsequent decades, Lincoln branched out by adding new products to the line like welding sets and battery chargers. Lincoln Electronics spent the following decades in the 1900s developing quality products and creating a better work environment for employees. As a result, Lincoln Electric 's strong philosophy back then still translates into a strong mission today.
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The company prides itself in having a never-ending interest for crafting technological tools that benefit customers in more ways than one. Last, but certainly not least, the company strives to give their employees and shareholders the utmost

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