Launchscore Case Analysis

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LaunchScore was founded in June of 2014 with the idea that small business entrepreneurs will have a better chance at succeeding when provided with scientific market research early on in the entrepreneurial decision making process. Normally, market research requires a considerable amount of resources whether it be money when using 3rd party companies or a lot of time when mining for data on their own. LaunchScore has created a website that eliminates this crucial business pain, but still is facing major problems that have hindered LaunchScore’s growth and success up to this point.

Over the past two years, LaunchScore has been challenged with many obstacles, most prominently the number of new and return users to their website. LaunchScore’s
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Our team has developed several possible solutions with the intention to solve this problem. After attending a focus group hosted by LaunchScore, and attending multiple interviews with the stakeholders, we found several variables that could be attributing to LaunchScore’s problem, including how users were being targeted, unimportant information in the market reports, improper marketing techniques, and inefficient customer feedback. Possible solutions to these issues include the implementation of different types of social media advertising, and improving user interface design through usability testing and user surveys in addition to finding more valuable information that can be provided in LaunchScore’s market …show more content…
The explosion of information-driven self-serve options in the consumer world is evident, LaunchScore is another example of a self-serve type of service. LaunchScore eliminates the need to reach out to a consultant in many areas of business development including, location strategies, financial projections, and customer identification. These tasks are all automated to make the users’ experience as simple as possible.
LaunchScore’s web-based platform provides entrepreneurs with insight and suggestions towards starting a new business; whether that being purchasing, expanding or starting a business from scratch. LaunchScore’s business is a two-sided market that also connects small business entrepreneurs to suppliers and service providers. The website currently attracts users by providing free market research to more than 850 business types in over 750 U.S cities. The website analyzes the business statistic from over 80 plus variables and gives projections on those businesses, for more

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