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  • The Role Of Electrical Instrumentation Technology

    Electrical Instrumentation is a very well field to go into since there are very many job opportunities in any plant that produces something. For anyone who comes out of this program has a broad range of opportunities to peruse. I researched three different jobs that have a requirement of Electrical Instrumentation Technology (EIT). The first job that will be discussed is a Power Generation Engineer at CPS Energy. The second job is Electrical instrumentation technician at a Canadian pharmaceutical company in Toronto, Canada. The third job is at Ethos Energy in Gaston, SC as an I&C Technician. In the job as a Power generation engineer at CPS Energy, for general responsibilities and duties you will have to analyze and evaluate operations in maintenance…

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  • John Mauchly Essay

    a tool for statistical weather prediction; however, he was only able to secure funding by building the ENIAC for the US Army to calculate artillery tables for use in World War II. John Mauchly was born in August 1907 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father, Sebastian Mauchly, was the chief physicist of the Terrestrial Electricity and Magnetism Section at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C. (Bartik, Rickman, and Todd 6). Mauchly showed engineering talent at a young age: "When neighbours had…

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  • Project Of Krughutte Solar Park

    tremendous project of Krughütte Solar Park in Germany was a crossroads in my scientific life. Not mentioning Alta Wind Energy Center, Full faith has been created in the depths of my heart that this is definitely going to be the most important technological revolution in the twenty-first century. The clean free renewable energy sources and their applications are increasingly embraced all over the world. It is just a matter of time when the world will wake up to news about great achievements…

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  • Analyse The Value Of Voltages In Generation, Transmission And Distribution?

    generation, transmission and distribution? Task 4 (D1) Electricity has greatly evolved from what it once was, to be fit for our modern day consumption and usage. Electrical engineering was first pioneered in the early 19th century, and great progress had been made by the time the 19th century came to a close. Most of the advancements were made by the likes of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse; who all aided in making electricity what it is today. In 1878 Thomas Edison started…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of L & T.

    SERVICES PROFILE The products and services of L&T’s Electrical & Automation are:  RELAYS Larsen & Toubro offers a wide range of Protection, Control & Monitoring Relays. These are Numerical relays suitable for Low Voltage & Medium Voltage power distribution system. These are manufactured at L&T’s Mysore Works equipped with modern infrastructure and employing latest testing equipment.  SWITCHGEAR PRODUCTS Larsen & Toubro Limited is among the major manufacturers of low voltage switchgear in the…

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  • The Extraordinary Life: Nikola Tesla

    He believed that she would have accomplished much more if she had not been “remote from modern life and its muli-fold opportunities,” (Top 11 Things”). Tesla was known to devise inventions in his imagination during his youth. He allegedly told his uncle about his idea to harness energy from Niagara falls with a “huge water wheel being turned by the powerful cataract,” (“Tesla’s Early Years”). As he drew closer to adulthood, he began to consider himself an inventor and dreamed of attending…

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  • Nikola Tesla Biography Essay

    the Austrian empire on 10th July 1856. Being raised with advance knowledge of engineering and science, Tesla started his career with the emerging electric power industry in the early 1880’s for whom he worked for until the late 1880’s. His first significant achievement happens with AC or Alternating Current. He has owned the patents for the Alternating Current Induction Motor [2] and other Poly-phase alternating current patents. By the 1890’s Tesla had earned copious amounts of money. However,…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Personal Educational And Professional Development Career Plan

    I believe that reflecting my choice of major within the context of the Whole Life Project is affecting my decision on my major by encouraging me to see if this certain major will enable me to use it so I can find a way to help others to my best capabilities. Specifically, this would be designing new ways to effectively provide electrical power to those in need of it. A concern that I have about Electrical Engineering is knowing if this major is the correct one to carry out my passion. I also…

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  • Dicer Ethics Case Study

    that a great chunk of major companies often generates decisions that often have questionable ethics. Whether to sacrifice safety conductor on site just to save a few dollars or providing deceptive advice to obtain the upper hand, unethical forms of conduct is weakening the industry of construction, thus codes of ethics were developed widely across multiple businesses. As I investigated the case study involving an electrical engineer, who worked for Dicers, there were multiple instances where the…

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  • Case Study Of UMBC And RLM Communication Technology

    indicators to the right locations at the right time. Once we have proven the concept, we will be able to truly assess the end product challenge. 3.3 Intellectual Property Intellectual Property rights and rights to any resultant patents will be retained by RLM. 3.4 NSF Lineage This project does not have roots in non-SBIR NSF Funding. 4 The Company/Team (1-3 Pages) 4.1 Founders and Key Participants RLM Communications, Inc. was founded 12 years ago by President and CEO, Mr. Randy Moore. Mr.…

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