Nikola Tesla Biography Essay

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“What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.” [1]. Nikola Tesla was born in the industrial age under the Austrian empire on 10th July 1856. Being raised with advance knowledge of engineering and science, Tesla started his career with the emerging electric power industry in the early 1880’s for whom he worked for until the late 1880’s. His first significant achievement happens with AC or Alternating Current. He has owned the patents for the Alternating Current Induction Motor [2] and other Poly-phase alternating current patents. By the 1890’s Tesla had earned copious amounts of money. However, Tesla was a man with a thirst for experimentation, he set up multiple laboratories where he tried to invent and patent. After
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Tesla studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Graz where he was first incited by AC current and the implementation of it in a motor and later went on to study philosophy at the University of Prague. [4] As with all great scientific inventions, while on a walk, he thought of an idea to create a brushless AC induction motor, contemplating his first vision of in the sand, sadly the idea that revolutionized the world remained at the mercy of wind currents in Austria. In 1822, Tesla was hired for the Continental Edison Company in Paris [4] where he repaired electrical power plants. After working there for two years (in 1884) he decided to migrate to the New York where an unrecognized Tesla arrives with unparalleled diligence and ingenuity and was hired at Thomas Edison’s company in New York. Segregation did not shadow Tesla in the front of Edison as he was heavily impressed by his persistence. Edison motivated Tesla that he would be paid handsomely if he were to improve Edison’s DC dynamos. Tesla finally did present a solution to Edison but instead of financial reward, Edison objected, saying, it was just “American humor.” After which Tesla decided to quit.

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