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With an astounding 1,393 patents between them, there is no doubt that Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were proficient inventors. Both became interested in design and engineering at a young age, so it is hard not to compare the two. They worked for years creating and perfecting their various inventions. Edison is best known for creating a commercially viable light bulb, and Tesla is remembered for his contributions to the design of alternating current electricity. Though Edison is more well known, both men contributed greatly to the field of electrical science and should forever be remembered.

Thomas Edison was born on February 11th, 1847. He grew up in Milan, Ohio, and later moved to Michigan. As a child, he was highly intelligent and showed
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He gained enough success that he quit his job, moving on to become a full time inventor. Though many encouraged him to work on the telephone (an invention of his competitor, Bell), he decided not to. He is now most well known for his work with the light bulb. Edison, as well as many others, was driven to invent a commercially viable incandescent bulb. Historians agree that even though he didn't invent the lightbulb, he improved upon in multiple ways. One of these ways was the use of a carbonized bamboo filament, which was both high-resistance and affordable. Edison also employed the use of a more durable incandescent material. His direct current system was later put in jeopardy by a competitor’s new ideas. Throughout his life, he acquired an astonishing 1,093 patents for his various inventions. He worked with Nikola Tesla for several months, before parting ways with the man due to various disagreements.

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. His interest in electrical appliances stemmed from his mother, who tinkered with and created small appliances in her spare time. Tesla would occasionally work with her, or create his own. He worked with telephones in his early twenties where he created the concept for his first invention. After trying and failing to promote his idea, he immigrated to the United States where he hopped that he would be able to gain some
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Edison was found to be too financially motivated for Tesla, so the duo parted ways. Though their time as coworkers was short, this gave him the funds and experience necessary to follow his dreams. He opened his first company in 1855, a lighting company, where he designed and improved arc lighting. He enjoyed the job, but later lost it and was forced to do manual labor in order to get by. Eventually, interest piqued in his alternating current system and he was given funding for his electrical company. He was granted several patents for his ideas. Tesla sold these patents to a businessman, and as curiosity grew in his new AC (alternating current) system he began to compete with Edison’s DC (direct current) systems. His AC designs skyrocketed in popularity, and it became the prominent power system in the 1900’s. During this time, he invented the Tesla Coil. This idea created the groundwork for wireless electricity and radios. He also made significant contributions to the radar and x-ray technology fields.

Both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were amazing inventors. Deciding upon the better of the two is entirely subjective due to many factors and biases that come with the concept. The men have been forever immortalized through the legacy they created for themselves in history.

Nikola Tesla is the superior

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