How Did Thomas Edison Change America

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Thomas Edison Essay
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In the 18th century Thomas Edison changed america in a really big way. One of his biggest achievements was creating over 1000 patents for his ideas. Some of his inventions he was most known for were the electric lamp, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera.

Thomas Edison was born in Milan,Ohio 1847 and was a genius when it came to technology. Early on in Thomas Edison’s life he would face many challenges and one of them was when he develop an illness called scarlet fever that would later give him hearing difficulties and would leave him almost deaf as an adult. Edison also had trouble with school because the teachers said he was “difficult” so his mother decided to pull him out of school and teach him at home
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One of his products that he created was called the quadruplex telegraph that transmitted two signals in two different directions while only using one wire. This invention was going to be sold to the Western Union Company but one of Western Unions competitors, Jay Gould, swooped in and offered Edison more than $100,000 in cash. With Edison's financial success he married Mary Stilwell and had 3 children; he would be married to her for the next 13 years. By 1876 Edison decided to expand his operations by building a new research facility in Meleno, New Jersey. Edison planned to create something that would compete with Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone but he never got around to doing it. Instead, he developed a device that would be able to record sound. Although it wouldn't become public for another decade, the phonograph would become one of many inventions that not only bring Edison worldwide fame, but would also make America a better place to live. In the late 1870’s after buying Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans’ patent for the electric light bulb, Edison was driven to improved and perfect the light bulb so it would be able to be used worldwide. In the 1880’s Thomas Edison created his company that would set out out to deliver power to many cities around the world. His company was called Edison Illuminating Company which would later become the General Electric

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