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  • Agnosticism: What´s An Individual Religion?

    ideals for themselves. Religion, in many cases three main components within itself. First and the most obvious, the history of an individual religion, it’s culture and concepts which are explored within it. Second, the rules or mechanics of religion. Lastly, faith being the core of religion, due to the requirement of it for someone to believe what the individual’s religion is formed around. To show that faith isn’t only required for religiousness, math, seen as a universal truth which itself cannot be proven wrong is ironically derived from faith. Axioms which are the basis of all math cannot be proven right, however we all accept math as true and useful within the world. Euclid’s The Elements provide the postulates which make up all Euclidian geometry, these cannot be quite proven however it is quite hard to argue with; It is possible to draw a straight line between two points. (Fitzpatrick) This is just the first postulate or axiom proposed by Euclid. The fifth postulate which is more questionable says: if a straight line falls across two other straight lines and the internal angles on the same side whose sum is less than two right angles if extended these lines will eventually meet. (Fitzpatrick) Euclid knew this postulate was more questionable, and only elucidated it four times throughout The Elements, evaluating all of his proofs until getting to a point where he could not progress without it. Those who find something like the fifth postulate more questionable or didn’t…

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  • Syntax And Syntax Of Mathematics

    In this paper, the author has explained how mathematics can be taught to software engineering students. It is important for software engineering student to know mathematical foundation and techniques to solve problems. Mainly the foundation contained logic and discrete mathematics and techniques that author explained are specification and reasoning. The specification is a process in which informally given concepts are transformed into mathematical model and theory. The reasoning is the process…

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  • Math As A Language

    Are there any languages in which we don’t use words? I can there are languages like that, I consider math and music to be languages, while logic can be also be considered language but it doesn’t apply to all 3 rules of language. The reason why math and music are a language because it applies to the 3 rules of language. Language is rule governed, intended, and open-ended. What is language? Language is when words, information, or emotions are exchanged. That is why logic is considered to be…

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  • Axioms For Reading The Landscape

    city of New Kensington, we must understand what they are and what we can learn from them through observation. Cultural landscapes are defined as the places we, humans, live. A cultural landscape is the cultural properties that represent the combined works of nature and man. Other definitions include a geographic area, including both cultural and natural resources and the wildlife or domestic animals there, associated with a historic event, activity, or person or exhibiting other cultural or…

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  • Comparison Of Zermelo's Axiom Of Choice

    Axiom of choice was formulated by Zermelo in 1904 and is known as Zermelo’s axiom of choice. This axiom stated that we can choose a member from each set in a collection of nonempty disjoint sets, C (Schechter, 2009). Additionally, according to Janes (2008), there exists a set X which consisting of one element taken from each set belonging to Y given that any nonempty set Y members are pairwise disjoint sets. Taking a role as a basic assumption used in many parts of mathematics as stated by…

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  • Compare And Contrast Keynes's Axiom Of Non-Additivity

    Section 1.) Introduction-Keynes’s axiom of Non -additivity Consider the following assessment made by Keynes in the A Treatise on Probability in chapter 26 concerning the use of mathematics in the social sciences and liberal arts (Keynes’s terms these moral sciences) : “The hope, which sustained many investigators in the course of the Nineteenth century, of gradually bringing the moral sciences under the sway of mathematical reasoning, steadily recedes—if we mean, as they meant, by…

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  • Tu Do Street By Yusef Komunyakaa Analysis

    The title of Yusef Komunyakaa’s poem, “Tu Do [Two Door] Street,” immediately showcases binary oppositions, rigid cultural forces that create powerful racial divisions. Two physical doors, metaphors for the racial binary that creates and perpetuates racial division and inequality in America, separate black and white humanity in a Saigon, Vietnamese red-light district. According to the poem’s text, America exports its racial binary, and its implicit white-superior-to-black, racist axiom, with…

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  • Technology And Society In The Pixar Film Wall-E

    can actively try and find ways to help our society with the technology epidemic before it catches up with our society for the worse. In the Pixar movie “Wall-e” the human race has destroyed the environment of the planet that they live on due to lack of care. They are then forced to live on a ship in outer space called the Axiom because earth’s environment is no longer suitable for human life due to the harsh treatment that they human race gave to it.…

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  • Essay: The Importance Of Uncertainty In Communication

    for the first time can cause anxiety because you don’t know what to expect, but meeting someone from a different culture can produce even more anxiety. Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese developed a communication theory known as uncertainty reduction theory. The uncertainty reduction theory main idea is that when strangers first meet the primary goal is reduce uncertainty and increase predictability. According to URT, uncertainty can be proactive and retroactive. Uncertainty reduction theory…

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  • Sedgwick's Axiomatic Analysis

    ideas which she held to be self-evident truths about anti-homophobic analysis. I had not previously heard of some of these concepts, but nonetheless can make sense of them. I interpreted the first axiom as bringing up a critical idea of present equality movements: intersectionality. Social identities aren’t mutually…

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