Math As A Language

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Are there any languages in which we don’t use words? I can there are languages like that, I consider math and music to be languages, while logic can be also be considered language but it doesn’t apply to all 3 rules of language. The reason why math and music are a language because it applies to the 3 rules of language. Language is rule governed, intended, and open-ended. What is language? Language is when words, information, or emotions are exchanged. That is why logic is considered to be language because you can unknowingly exchange information of common-sense.

The first rule of language is the intent, is there any rational explanation, therefore I believe math is intended. Every equation math creates it has a rational explanation behind
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Like in english there are commas, punctuation, exclamation mark, question mark, etc. Just like that in math there are symbols; plus, minus, division, multiplication, etc. These symbols create a meaning of the equation and the product of an equation.

Although, math can only be used to such an extent as a language. Math helps you let exchange information, but you can’t express emotions or thoroughly communicate through the usage of math. Math is limited to be used as a language, you can mostly use math to exchange information that is numerical related. Math lets you use variable to replace the words but you can’t always use variables to communicate. Even if you get around that, the emotions would be obliterated from the language. However, math can still be used as for a basic process of exchanging information or communicating of the numerical universe.

Just the way mathematics can be used as language, so can music. Music to me is already considered a language, because of the usage of words. But, I think that even without the usage of words music can still be a language with the usage of instruments and flow. Music can also be applied to the rules of
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For romantic songs they try to keep the beat slow paced to let the listener be able to relax and think about their loved ones. If the artist is trying to provide a motivation, or a party like vibe, the artist would keep the beat fast paced. Music is also open-ended. People can interpret music into completely different than what the author intended. Listeners can take slow music to be a more motivating song than a fast paced music, no matter what the intention is, music is always interpreted. To create good music you need to have knowledge about the instrumentals and the rules of music. There rules to music to create a nice flow to a certain type of genre.

The downside of music being a language is that it can be very meaningless at times. Because music can be created out of any sound pattern. To create music it doesn’t necessarily have to be good music. You can pick up an empty bottle and start banging it on an object, the sound it creates is also music; though very meaningless. The why I think of that being meaningless, because it is like somebody randomly just yelling out words of their mouth, you can hear it, but there is no meaning to it or

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