Ayrton Senna

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  • Analysis: Who Is The Best F1 Pilot Ever

    Who is the best F1 pilot ever The F1 is the top racing single-seater, there are the best pilots of cars in the world, the first race event of the F1 was made in the European Grand Prix Motor Racing between 1920 and 1930, the championship formalized in 1947. The best pilots of F1 can be in between Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost, these were the recent best drivers of F1, each of the has won more than 2 world championships in F1. Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost already dead and Michael Schumacher is nearly dead. Ayrton Senna da Silva was born on 21 march 1960 in sao paulo Brazil and died in 1 may 1994 Bologna Italy at the age of 34. Ayrton Senna started racing go karting at the age of 13 in interlagos with an gokart…

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  • Why Is Dirt Track Racing Exciting

    Reason why dirt track racing exciting “You may win some, you may lose some, you may wreck some” – Dale Earnhardt. He was one of the greatest race car drivers and was responsible for making the sport popular. He won many championships on asphalt tracks and was killed at Daytona Speedway February 21, 2001. Racing on asphalt and dirt tracks can be dangerous but also very fun to watch. Dirt track racing is very competitive and is more exciting to watch compared to all the types of auto racing.…

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  • The Rapid Decline Of Formula 1: A Sport

    They spent their time on the track, they fought to make the sport safer, but faster, more exciting. It was the fruits of a revolution started by Ayrton Senna, who lost his life in a racing accident, that lets Fernando Alonso walk away from the crash he had at Bahrain. The passion they had for the sport and just the sport shone through, while there are drivers like that still on the racing track, none really seem be from the younger crop of drivers. Similarly, tyre rules were changed which made…

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  • Descartes Dream Hypothesis Examples

    according to Descartes about the dream hypothesis, when a person dreams, they can see many things that are very specifically clear but those things actually are not present at the moment or do not exist at all. Similarly, we see many dreams while we are asleep and when we wake up we realize that those incidents didn’t either happen to us in reality or do not make sense at all. I am going to provide with two examples of the dreams I saw, (1) I saw a dream a few years ago about me getting lost in…

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