Essay On Armistice Day

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One of the great things about technology is that it saves more lives then we will ever know. Many lives took tolls before technology because we couldn’t sense anything like we do now. We can now see where storms will hit before they’re even a week old and we can announce the news so anybody in danger can seek shelter elsewhere out of the storm’s path. With the technology we have today, we could have prevented many people killed during the storm on Armistice Day. The loss of lives because of the blizzard that hit on Armistice Day back in 1940 could have been, in more ways than one, prevented based how advanced the technology was at the time.
Having temperatures in the low 50’s in the middle of November was the last lucky chance for duck hunters
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The Armistice Day blizzard was so strong and forceful, cars were moved and many people were injured thinking they would be safe in a sturdy vehicle. “Passenger train No. 106 coming into Minneapolis from Enderlin, N.D., overran a switch signal and collided head on with a freight train,” explained Ben Walter, a writer for the Star Tribune. While people thought they were safe in their cars or homes, they were not. And not only did it hurt people’s actual lives and their homes, but businesses and agricultural industries took a big hit. “Icy winds killed hundreds of apple trees, and planting a new orchard was expensive,” Simmons informed. Before the Armistice Day blizzard, Iowa was abundant in apple trees and orchards and the blizzard left the fields bare. Soybeans and corn replaced the old orchards because they were easier and faster to grow. The landscape had changed dramatically after the massive storm.
The losses on Armistice Day, back in 1940 were felt in more way than just death. Not only did the little amount of technology and communication contribute to the problem of many deaths and the change of economy, but wasn’t the only problem. Weather broadcasts updated dramatically after that fateful days and so did weather forecasts. If that blizzard never happened, our weather technology might not be where it is today. Nowadays, it helps with everyday life and planning for the

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