Informative Speech: Effects Of Climate Change

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Effects of Climate Change

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the effects left on the world due to global warming.

Thesis Statement: Global warming is taking place is leaving huge tolls in this planet.

I. Attention Getter: Did you know 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded? Well it should be obvious that it is due to global warming. However, in our mind we don’t conceptualize all the effects it is putting on this world all at once or just put it in the back of your mind when we know of just one. When you realize many of the problems climate change is putting on the world, you realize it is a big problem.

II. Introduction of the topic: So with all that being said how is climate change affecting the world?

A. The oceans are
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With longer droughts due to global warming doesn’t help the trees function as the trees defensive mechanism becomes weaker allowing the insects to feast on them much efficiently and put more damage on them.

Connective: With global warming having effects on plant life, it is also affecting the oceans quite heavily.

IV. The oceans are being much warmer, expanding leading to sea level rise, and are more acidic.

A. With the high amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to pollution causing global warming, is being absorbed by the oceans which makes the water more acidic.

B. Global warming has caused the waters of the oceans hotter as they receive 90% of the additional heat of the atmosphere.

C. The increase in water temperature will make it expands since the particles of the water will be more active. This leads rise in sea level which in turn eventually can cause floods.

1. According to NASA scientist, Hurricane Katrina which caused massive flooding in Louisiana, New Orleans took place due to global warming.

2. As well the Souris River flooding in Minot, North Dakota. June 2011 according to NASA scientists.

Connective: With the many effects of global warming it leads to in many instances of huge migration which leads me into my third and final
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Vast number of migrations are taking place because their homes, belongings and/or their land has been destroyed or gone due to extreme weather conditions such as hurricane and floods, droughts and pollution due to global warming. With these migrations comes the problem of a pandemic or epidemic and their lives in

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