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Global Warming
7/31/16 APA Format
Ernest Wilson
AMU / HIST 102
Professor Marc Wenner

There are many issues in the world which are affecting the earth and its people. Global warming is one of the significant issues which results in impacting the environment of the earth. Global warming consists of a continuous rise in the temperature of the earth. The temperature is rising so significantly that it has become uncontrollable even after considering the technological advancements. In this respect, the future sustainability of the people and environment has posed a threat. This essay consists of describing the effects of global warming and its significant reasons by explaining the historical background and the arguments of the
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In such manner, when the oil palms are developed there is the expulsion of the carbon stocks underneath and upper ground. The real inputs in the oil palms are the Nitrogen oxides which are utilized as the manures of these oil palms. Natural emissions of N2O are mainly from bacteria breaking down nitrogen in soils and the oceans. Nitrous oxide is removed from the atmosphere when it is absorbed by certain types of bacteria or destroyed by ultraviolet radiation or chemical reactions (Epa.gov, 2016). Therefore, it becomes the reason for causing the global warming on the earth because of intoxicated produced.
The scientists fear that one day the temperature of the earth would be significantly changed that the survival of the future generation would become impossible. This fear has caused many issues that the higher level of research has started by the biologists and the scientist for saving the future of the generation. Many kinds of significant diseases have been caused by the earth which is due to the impacts of the global warming. The diseases such as cancer, bird flu, malaria, dengue and high blood pressure disease are significant in effect (Patz,

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