Climate Change Informative Speech

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Joshua Koa
19 October 2014

Informative Speech Outline : Climate Change

I. Introduction A) Attention Getter: According to a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, our Earth’s average temperature has increased significantly by 1.4 degrees fahrenheit over the century and is projected to increase up to another 2 - 11.5 degrees fahrenheit in the upcoming decades. The changes in our climate may seem minimal now but as we progress further into the future, those small changes will evidently transform to catastrophic scaled instances in our weather.

B) Background and Audience Relevance: Changes in our climate has created unexpected abnormalities in our weather, ranging from droughts, intense rain, floods, and heat waves randomly throughout the world. Additionally, our environment is influenced by the changes in weather as observed in the melting of the polar ice caps, oceans becoming more acidic, and sea levels rising. Other evidence may also lie amongst the changes in functional ecosystems and spectating the behavior of different species, all in which contribute to the idea of Climate Change.
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I have gone through extensive research regarding the issue and have analyzed every inconsistency in the

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