How Does Solar Radiation Affect Climate

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Ocean’s Impact on Climate Activity Worksheet
Instructions: While exploring the effects of climate change on glaciers in the Ocean's Impact on Climate Activity, record your findings below. You will submit your completed activity worksheet.
(30 points possible)
Part One
Scientists have studied 37 glaciers since 1980 to collect data on their average mass. Use the research you collected from the two articles and the diagrams below to help you answer the following questions. © 2015 - NOAA

1. What was the average yearly ice loss in 1980 versus 2010? (1 point) The average yearly ice loss in 1980 was -200 mm and the average yearly ice loss in 2010 was -700 mm, making that a -500 mm difference.

2. What is the overall trend shown
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First, fill in what you think about each question. Then use the lesson and reliable sources to research more about each question. Next, fill in each box with evidence from your sources, and be sure to list the source you used. Finally, pull the ideas together in a short summary on the bottom row. (20 points)

Chart How does solar radiation affect climate? How do the ocean currents affect climate? How does climate change affect the ocean? How does climate change affect the biodiversity of marine ecosystems?
What I think

I think that solar radiation will cause temperatures to increase which can cause more precipitation. I think ocean currents help keep temperatures overland in check, either warming up an area or cooling it down. Climate change melts glaciers adding more freshwater into the oceans, but it also increase the temperature of the water. The melting glacier can also cause sea level to rise. Climate change can affect the chemistry of the water and also increase the temperature in the water, and animals that had adapted to the normal conditions of the ocean will start to die off.
Source 1


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