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  • Alfred Wegener's Theory Of Pangaea And Continental Drift

    Introduction Fredrick Douglass once said “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” (Douglas, n.d.). This seems to fit the life of Alfred Wegener and his struggle to prove his theory of Pangaea and continental drift. A brief overview of his life, his research, and difficulties he faced will be presented. In addition, discussing why Mr. Wegener’s theory was so widely criticized, other scientists’ objections, and his use of certain fossil organisms for his theory. Mr. Wegener’s Life Alfred Wegener was born in Germany in 1880 and later went on to study at the University of Berlin where he completed his doctorate in astronomy in 1904 (Hughes, 1994). Instead of pursuing astronomy, Mr. Wegener was intrigued by meteorology and went on to…

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  • Write An Essay On Gondwana And Its Effects On Supercontinents

    Eduard Suess who was a geologist who originally named Gondwana, Gondwanaland. He got the name from the region of central India. Central India had geological formations that match those of similar ages in the southern hemisphere. There was also many species found on Gondwana. These species include a lot of frogs and toads. These fossils were found from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Lastly, the effects Gondwana went through had an effect on other periods of time. There is even a Eastern…

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  • Supercontinents: A Formal Analysis

    two cycles are both known to have been the cause of two of our supercontinents, Pangaea and Rodinia. The life cycle of these gargantuan masses of land go into much more detail, an example of this is the interactions with the landmass and volcanism. Supercontinents relationship to volcanism is similar to mother and child. The supercontinents (child) need the volcanism (mother) to happen to be created. This is also the destruction of the enormous islands. This happens in the Earth’s mantle. From…

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  • Mass Extinction In Movies

    The Massest of Mass Extinctions With all the post-apocalyptic themed movies coming out of Hollywood, most people are probably familiar with the concept of a mass extinction. In those kind of movies the cause is often a manmade problem, such as nuclear war. However, in the earth’s distant past, we were not around to destroy ourselves. So what happened? 250 million years ago the Permian period came to an end in a mass extinction causing 95% of species living in the ocean to die (Cort, 2006). To…

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  • Pangaea Theory

    reasons, is this world is a puzzle, the 7 continents all fit together perfectly, my next theory of pangaea is fossils, then my explanation on mountains, and then i will prove my theory of ice sheets. These are the four reasons why pangaea is real. 300 million years ago there was only one super continent it was called pangaea. 200 million years ago pangaea started to break up, the pieces drifter apart to their current position. My first proof I will be explaining is jigsaw fit. This makes…

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  • The Camariid Period: The Ordovician Period

    1. Explain why Earth and other planets were not solid when they formed during the beginning of the Precambrian, approximately 4,600 million years ago (MYA) The Precambrian period was also known as the Hadean and the reason why it was not solid yet was that the planets of the solar system were just starting to form and they were not even solid rocks yet they were just starting to form from dust particles. 2. What was this particular time period called? This particular period was called the…

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  • How Is Pangaea Like Zeus

    Pangaea was one of the most strongest gods, next to Zeus. Pangaea in actually Zeus’s brother, but Zeus doesn’t like to talk about him. Pangaea was the oldest out of the four brothers. When Zeus became the god of gods, Pangaea had to bow down to his little brother. Nobody likes to talk about Pangaea because he died many centuries ago. Pangaea was the God Of War and was very muscular. Many people feared Pangaea. Even the great and powerful Zeus used to fear him. When Zeus became the lord of the…

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  • Essay On Wegener's Theory Of Continental Drift

    supercontinent called Pangaea. He believes that after continents were in that supercontinent, they gradually moved apart over more than a hundred years ago and will continue to move in the future. This Theory of Continental Drift is supported by rock evidence, fossil evidence, climate evidence, and the shapes of the continents. Throughout this essay, I will show reasons why this theory is accurate as well as explain what Alfred could not, why the continents move. The first piece of evidence…

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  • Does Wegener's Ideas Lead To The Formation Of Earth?

    supercontinent Gondwana in 1885 and the Tethys Ocean in 1893. John Perry wrote a paper in 1895 saying that the inside of Earth was fluid, and disagreeing with Lord Kelvin on the age of the earth. After closely observing a globe it shows that the continents come together like a puzzle : the west African coastline seems to fit into the east coast of South America and the Caribbean sea; and the same appears across the Pacific. The fit is even more striking when the submerged continental shelves…

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  • Why Does Dinosaurs Exist

    other classification of dinosaurs, ornithopods were one of the earliest ornithischians. Some of the last dinosaurs to develop were the “horned dinosaurs,” or ceratopsians. Not all dinosaurs live in the same part of the world, nor the same time. The dinosaur time period lasted about one-hundred eighty million years. A habitat is a natural environment of an organism. During the Triassic period (250- 200 million years ago) there was one humongous supercontinent named Pangaea. There was mainly…

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