Fault In Our Stars Thesis

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The Fault in Our Bodies
Cancer sucks. It either takes people away or leaves only a walking skeleton in its wake. There was a time when we ignored serious sicknesses like cancer, but with modern advancements and deeper understanding, those times are slowly coming to a halt - if only cancer could too. Cancer is acknowledged on a larger scale because it’s more likely that everyone has been affected by cancer. Pop culture is reflecting this since individuals are now creating stories about cancer or telling their own stories and turning them into motion picture hits like Deadpool and play’s like Emmy, Golden Globe, and Pulitzer Prize winner W;t. There are various ways in which we can tell our cancer stories, but my favorite type of media is through books. Of all the books I could possibly talk about, I choose The Fault in Our Stars, which I believe is the book for those who need a differential perspective - whether you’re a cancer patient or not.
John Green added The Fault in Our Stars to the growing list of cancer-related books, making it a #1 New York Times bestselling
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At the age of 13, Hazel was diagnosed with stage five thyroid cancer with metastasis to the lungs that resulted in her carrying around an oxygen tank. Luckily for her, she survived longer than expected, all thanks to a clinical trial drug. However, Hazel’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Augustus at the cancer support group which her parents forced her into – since her parents and doctors believed she was depressed. Augustus is a 17-years-old osteosarcoma survivor – he did have to have one of his with an infectious sense of humor and eyes of tranquil blue - so blue Hazel thinks she can see right through them. My unshakeable love for The Fault in Our Stars is because the lives of both Hazel and Augustus are shaped by cancer but they do not let it define who they

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