The Fault In Our Stars Theme Essay

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The Fault In Our Stars takes us on an unforgettable journey through the tragic business of being alive and in love. The young teenagers Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace find peace and hope within each other throughout the endless days spent with one another. The horrific moments of the past haunts them but suddenly the sweetness of the future begins to brighten their world. Hazel Grace, who suffers from stage 4-thyroid cancer, is a conscientious 16-year-old girl yearning for a regular teenage life. She undergoes constant treatment and is forced to live her life in fear. Although Hazel has a terminal form of cancer that effects her lungs, it does not effect her way of thinking as well as her outlook on life itself. Struggling to find friends and normality, her parents decide to sign her up in a support group where they hope Hazel can talk to people her age and create long lasting friendships. As the meetings continue, Hazel ends up dreading going each week up until she lays her eyes on the witty …show more content…
Although Hazel and Augustus are terminally ill, the story does not just focus on the side effects and down sides of cancer. Instead they use cancer in a unique way to connect two people and find love on the way. The theme of this story is love triumphs through hardship. Throughout the story it is obvious that the two bring out the best in each other and shows one another a whole new life. For Hazel, Gus shows her that there is more to life than sitting and dwelling over the disease that has ultimately taken over her life. Hazel then shines light in Gus’ life again and fills the empty hole he had been feeling ever since he lost the ability to play baseball. In every situation, whether it was sitting along side in a hospital bed or helping each other walk, Hazel and Gus never left one another. This proves that their love conquered all despite the internal pain they were

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