Descriptive Essay On First Date

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The one thing that most everyone, at one time or another, looks for is love. In order for that to happen, one would have to go on an event that is called a first date. Everyone has this idea that being asked on a first date is the scariest part, but in actuality, it is going on that first date that is scary. If the date goes well, then that leads to the second date, the third date, and sometimes more that. However, the first date, it seems to lay the groundwork for the future relationship, if there is one. Now, each person may have a different experience when he or she goes on a first date. The majority of first dates may end differently, with the two people being mutual friends, being love at first sight, or being the worst of all. Some dates …show more content…
These dates seem like it is the most repulsive of all time. These are the most god awful first dates a person could endure. Certainly if someone has been in the dating scene long enough, he or she has most likely experienced this type of date. The date may just seem like it could not get any worse, but then it does. To begin with, the worst way to start a date and make it dreadful, is if the person shows up late or even does not show up at all! Now imagine if a girl were to have a major crush on some guy, he finally asks her out after what seems like forever. Therefore, she goes and gets all dressed and ready for her first date. Then she waits. After a little while, she realizes he is a no show, which clearly devastates her. With him doing that, that can classify the date as the worst of all. Another way is for someone to be miserable the whole time. The idea of going on a date is to get to know one another, so constantly talking about one’s self or talking about one’s past failed relationships might make the other person feel uncomfortable. Also, the person might feel like the other person is being impolite. Most of the time, but not all the time, some guys can be too forward in asking very personal questions or giving in too much information about themselves that is too obscene and being disrespectful. So yes, if it person has been dating, then he or she knows exactly what it feel likes to be on this worst of all kind of date.
Obviously, a first date can end in any different way. Like on certain first dates a person may wind up with a mutual friend than a future romantic relationship with that person. Other various first dates can lead a person to believing in the idea of love at first sight. Nevertheless, when comes the truly virtuous first date, there is the flip side to it, the worst of all kind of date. Whether that first date was good or bad, it could be something that one could cherish and

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