Example Of Effective Jugmentance In Chapter 2 Of Blink By Malcolm Gladwell

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In chapter 2 of Blink, “Malcolm Gladwell explores many different examples based on snap judgement, which is extremely quick, because it is based off of the thinist slice of information. One of the examples Gladwell explores that stood out to me would be priming, and the example in the book had students go through a set of five words, ten sets of them, and they were broken into two groups. In both groups, the students were suppose to make four word sentences out of the five sets of words and they had to do as quickly as they could and when they were done they had to walk down to the person leading the experiment and let them know that they were done. All of the words given to them were jumbled up, and all the words that didn’t belong in the …show more content…
“Fishman and Iycngar… Find when they compare what speed-daters say they want with what they are actually attracted to in the moment is that those two things don’t match” (66). When comparing what the daters state they are seeking for in an individual, virsus the people they go for, it is complete opposite. The two list do not match exactly. Speed dating is actually a great example of snap judgements in action because it involves making a judgement about someone within several minutes. Usually during a speed dating session, speed daters spend an hour talking to a person for five minutes, and at the end they check the people that they liked, and they exchange contact information from there, but what Gladwell was trying to take from citing this study is to see if people really even know how to explain their snap judgements. In fact I myself have been attracted to someone who wasn’t necessarly my type, or that I didn’t have a definite reason for liking. It actually had started when a friend of mine decided to ‘hook me up’ with one of her childhood friends. From the start I had it in my mind that this person wasn’t really my type and that I didn’t really know if we would get along, and the problem with that is once you try dating a person who isn’t your type with that sort of mindset you are going to come at it from a place of lack of excitement, lack of hope, and lack of effort, so as a result anything little that happens your going to go ‘ugh, you see that’s not my type’ or ‘I knew this was going to happen’ and at the end of the day you will essensially make yourself less tolerent because your not giving it your real effort, which is exactly what happened in this case. The guy that my friend had introduced me to didn’t meet up to the expectation I had for a person that I wanted to be with. On our very first date we went to a

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