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  • Compare And Contrast Correlation And Regression

    correlation exists. The first thing a person must do is identify the two scale variables they want to test, to see if there is a connection. In this case, the data obtained from the student data file containing the BS GPA’s and the MBA GPA’s. One then determines which will be the X and Y axis. This step is important because a person needs to know which is the dependent variable as well as the independent variable. They X is the BS GPA’s; the independent variable is used to predict. The Y is the MBA GPA’s; the dependent variable what a person is trying to predict or the outcome to verify the relationship between one another. The data then auto populates, except for the predicting with the regression equation. A person enters the X value. Making predictions about a regression model approach require caution. Never plug in an X value that is outside of the range of data (Mirabella, 2011). A person then types the number 3.50 inside the cell since the value of 3.50 is given in the question. One can also come up with this number by doing an average of the GPA’s. After doing these entries, one can begin to answer the issue of the correlation coefficient and how strong it is. The correlation coefficient is .925 meaning a very high relationship between X and Y. Correlations in the .70 to .99 are considered reliable (Mirabella, 2011). The data is furthered supported by the Scattered Diagram. All the points from the BS and MBA GPA’s cluster around the same area forming a linear line.…

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  • Nate Silver's The Signal And The Noise

    and the noise”, author Nate Silver talks about prediction from many different angles. Silver explains how prediction is a part of our everyday life and how it affects us. From math to history, inside of a class room or on a court/field, prediction is something we deal with on a day to day basis unconsciously. Silver talks about the benefits of failure and how failure is helpful in the long run with making predictions. Throughout the years we have made progress with predictions. The book explains…

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  • Disadvantages Of Robotic Technology

    data & insurance fee) Softbank Robotics America Sphero 129.00 Sphero *also available in Table 1: Robots and Costs Concerns about Human Displacement in the Workforce In 2014, Pew Research Center canvassed 1, 896 technology experts on their predictions and thoughts on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Key findings indicated that 48% believe that in the future, a large portion of blue and white collar jobs will be displaced by robots and digital agents. They were also concerned…

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  • The Signal And The Noise Analysis

    Nate Silver’s introduction to The Signal and the Noise offers up an intuitive definition of the split between prediction and forecast. Prediction is judgemental and accounts for future changes and opinions, whereas forecast is pure scientific fact and interpretation of the past events. Neither are anywhere close to perfectly predicting any scenario, but there are times where one produces a mostly accurate estimation of the future. Each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses, which Silver…

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  • Prediction Stories In Polish Families

    reinforcing their position and role in their communities. I investigated the transmission and belief of prediction stories in Polish families, where they are called przepowiednie. In this essay, I will discuss whether knowledge of these stories was affected by age, gender, or place of origin. Since women show a prevalence of predictive games, such as MASH, in early adolescence and childhood, I predicted that more stories would be known and believed by women. Furthermore, since…

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  • Human Resources Trend Analysis

    Most organizations think of Human Resources (HR) as a department that makes employment decisions, strictly administrative functionalities. HR has evolved over the years and has now become more of a strategic partner rather than the sole purpose of recruitment, hiring, and termination. However, when it comes to employment services, the Human Resources department must be well-rounded and knowledgeable in all facets of the process. Human resources is no longer used exclusively for hiring…

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  • Brand Loyalty Of Chick-Fil-A

    Have you ever been to Chick- Fil- A (CFA) and became in complete awe of their phenomenal service that lured you back for a second visit, then another 10, 15, 20 visits? On the contrary, have you been to another restaurant that has sub- par service and claim you are never returning as a customer? In this paper, I will discuss brand loyalty of Chick- Fil- A. What is brand loyalty? Brand loyalty can be termed as a customer purchasing various products from the same brand consistently rather than…

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  • Essay On Conscientiousness

    longevity makes sense. The ability to evaluate each other 's lifestyles or choice outcomes is also the reason why I agree with the researchers point of view that peer reviews should be included more and more in personality assessment. As explained earlier in my paragraph, nothing stops us from engaging in personal choices, and in some cases we may even be flawed in our line of thinking while performing certain actions or behaviors. This is a part of our unique self. The fun aspect of this is…

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  • Big Data Predictive Analysis

    Predictive analytics can be used which allows businesses to extract big data and analyze it to better understand customers. This analysis is a game changer for businesses because it allows them to make predictive models that will help them serve their customers better. This business strategy is important as it provides the data they need to make predictions for the future and it gives them the ability to modify when results are affected. In order to take this strategy into consideration, firms…

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  • Is The Smarter Healthcare Concept Important To Society As A Whole?

    Smarter Healthcare The smarter healthcare concept is important to society as a whole because people that are being treated by the hospital would want to have the best treatment and what to know how they can improve their health. The hospitals would have data about the patient which would allow them to give better outcomes. The hospitals would also use analytics to predict outcomes of the patient, they would then be analysing the information to help them to find solutions to develop more…

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