Disadvantages Of Robotic Technology

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III. Discussion
Robotic technology, in general, brings both opportunities and challenges. Some people are optimistic about them while others are skeptic – some are even fearful of how they will affect humanity’s future.
Broadly speaking, robots aid in industries to make jobs faster and easier. Nowadays, one can find robots working in factories to aid in the manufacturing process like in car plants or in warehouses like that of Amazon’s Kiva robots. The military also utilizes robots for surveillance and search and rescue. Additionally, there are several robots that have been deployed to outer space to observe and gather data before astronauts are sent. The International Space Station has a Robonaut, a robot that was created by NASA with the
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Key findings indicated that 48% believe that in the future, a large portion of blue and white collar jobs will be displaced by robots and digital agents. They were also concerned that this will bring about unemployment, huge differences in income, and social problems. On the other hand, the remaining 52% were positive that technology will “not displace more jobs than it creates by 2025”. They did believe, however, that many tasks will be done by robots or digital agents, but were still hopeful that such events will free people to focus on higher-level and more creative jobs. Furthermore, both groups were concerned that the present generation is not sufficiently trained and prepared for the future by the current educational systems and institutions (Smith & Anderson, …show more content…
In this national survey, 15% of the participants believed that the advances in computers and robotics will “definitely” do most of the human work within the next 50 years; while 50% said it will “probably” happen. Some 25% answered “probably not”; while the rest of the 7% “definitely did not” think so (Smith, 2016). Indeed, the public was divided although the survey showed that a larger percentage fear the displacement of humans in favor of machines and

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