Jetsons Research Paper

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The Jetsons bringing futuristic imagination to life from the 1960s. In the cartoon, the Jetsons are a family living in a more advanced world with advanced technology in the future. Three pieces of technology in the Jetsons that we have today that I seen in the video are, cars , robots and vending machines.

One of the first pieces of technology that I saw in the Jetsons video was a car or a saucer is what they called it. In the show, I seen in the beginning George Jetson was flying or driving his car. Just like in the show we use cars to get around but on the ground. The Jetsons predicted cars to be floating or flying in the air instead of on the ground. Our cars that we have today are clearly on the ground and not flying in the air. Our cars
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The robot was basically a maid that did anything the Jetsons asked. The robot cooked, cleaned and even played with the kid. The robots that we have today can do all kinds of things such as clean, go into battle with the army, and even detect bombs. Rosey the robot was a useful towards the whole family especially because of their food machine was broke. I don’t think our robots can actually cook food but they can warm them up. Our robots can vacuum the house, dust off certain things and make them look nice. The Jetsons predicted robots to be more useful on a personal level and able to communicate with us. The Jetsons prediction is right , robots can help us on a more personal level with cleaning and other things.

The last piece of technology that I saw was like a vending machine. In the Jetsons video, they called it a food operator. The food operator was able to give the Jetsons a full course meal. By a couple pushes of a button George`s son had milk, cereal, an egg and bacon. Our vending machine could give us different things but not as a meal. Our vending machine could only give out wrapped or bagged food. An example a bag of hot Cheetos or a granola bar. The Jetsons envisioned a vending machine to give out hot meals or prepared food

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