Better Than A Hum Why Robots Will And Must Take Our Jobs By Kevin Kelly

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In Better than a Human: Why Robots Will-and Must-Take our Jobs by Kevin Kelly, the author voices his opinion about how robots will eventually replace humans in the workforce and how, according to the author himself, “The robot takeover will be epic.”(301). The article describes how all jobs from blue collar to white collar will no longer need to be done by humans, but yet gives no clear evidence or any information on how this will happen. The author doesn 't provide any strong supporting details to back up his claim and what make matters worse is that he contradicts himself further in to the reading saying how we will be working alongside with the robots as well. The article is completely one sided and doesn 't provide repercussions or backlash of having robots taking over our jobs and replacing us in the workforce.. In the beginning of the article, the author is trying to claim that the innovations that occurred during the 19th century is similar to robots replacing humans, but yet its was the complete opposite. The machines that were invented during the 19th century actually expanded the need for more jobs and even produced other types of jobs afterwards. This allowed more people to work because the machines were so simple to use, anyone was able to get hired. Robots on the other hand, is going to cause a reverse effect. They are going to wipe out jobs entirely. Lets say for example, Mcdonald’s decided to replace their workers with robots, which will save them tons…

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